1. RidiculousName

    What did the Nazis Think of African Jews?

    Judaism has a long history in Africa. I am curious what the Nazi's thought, if anything, about black African Jews and Judaism.
  2. F

    Good themes for films/tv 20. century exvluding nazis

    Since there has been made so much about those years of german ans eueopean history. Well I admit I may have developed a kind of "allergy" to those topics, even if it had a lot to so with the generarions before me.
  3. R

    Distinctions between Nazis and "The German People"

    Especially in propaganda efforts, did the Allies or the Americans in particular draw any distinctions to the effect that the dispute was with the Nazi regime, rather than with the German people as a whole?
  4. C

    Why did the Nazis prefer the Western Allies over the Soviets?

    In the European theater of WWII, the Nazis sent the bulk of their forces to the East for Operation Barbarossa; only a small percentage of the German military fought against the Western Allies (UK and USA). Hitler had also tried to bring peace between Germany and Britain, but those attempts kept...
  5. D

    nazis agents in USA in 1933-1945

    Hello.Did the nazis succeed in the implantation of a secret organisation in USA during the years 1933-1945 among the citizens of America who had german austrian or hungarian origines ? Thank you.
  6. AssyrianMelodies

    Was Von Paulus coerced, tortured or forced to go against the Nazis?

    This thought has just occurred to me. Is it possible that Frederich Von Paulus was coerced or forced to go against his former masters? I think this could be possible. He may have done this as a way to protect his captured troops or himself from punishment. I also find it interesting that...
  7. JoanOfArc007

    Muslim Imam Who Saved Thousands Of Jews From Nazis In Paris

    Just came across this, pQnUawwUTpI
  8. S

    Any Feldmarschall and Generals not Nazis in the Wehrmacht?

    I can only honestly think of Friedrich Paulus, Fritz Bayerlein and Hasso von Manteuffel. Maybe Udet (?). The nazi classic ones: Model, Guderian, Walther von Reichenau, Rundstedt, Manstein, Rommel, Jodl, Keitel and Hermann Hoth. I know that 20-26% of the Wehrmacht were N.S.D.A.P members so is...
  9. I love Richard Burton

    The aftermath of the loss of the war by the Nazis

    Considering the fact that the Nazis saw non-aryans as inferior, why did they intermarry and mate with the South Americans? :D
  10. dreuxeng

    Does Public Art today borrow from the Nazis

    'Art has social functions when it addresses aspects of (collective) life, as opposed to one person's point of view or experience. For example, public art in 1930s Germany had an overwhelming symbolic theme. Did this art exert influence on the German population? Decidedly so. As did...
  11. El Cid

    Did the Nazis denounce the Theory of Evolution?

    One debater claimed that. I just want to hear whether anyone here who are deep into German history in the 20th century, can confirm it? It sounds a bit weird if the Nazis really rejected the Theory of Evolution giving their racistic approach to understanding of humans. I am of that belief that...
  12. AlpinLuke

    1939: Nazis at NY!

    It can sound incredible, but in 1939 Nazis organized a meeting at Madison Square Garden [when despite the agreements with the property of the MSG the Nazis "exceeded" a bit]. The most curious aspect of that meeting is that Washington was well represented [next to an old US Flag and a new Flag...
  13. grey fox

    Why didn't the Nazis just buy/trade for oil from the Soviets?

    All my life I have read and heard that one of the main reasons, perhaps the main reason, that Adolf Hitler had the Nazis invade the Soviet Union is to obtain oil from the Soviets. The Soviet Union was a giant and powerful country with a formidable military. To me, it seems like invading the...
  14. grey fox

    Who had a better chance of not being conquered, the CSA or Nazi Germany?

    Who had a better chance of not being conquered, the Confederate States of America in the Civil War or Nazi Germany in World War 2? My opinion is that Nazi Germany had a better chance of not being conquered than the Confederate States of America. As I recollect, in terms of combat military...
  15. El Cid

    Why were the members of the Vienna Circle persecuted/killed by the Nazis?

    I have heard this claim sporadically but never came across an explanation WHY the Nazis persecuted them. The members were mainly scientists rather than philosophers, and they started a trend called “logic positivism” which is a direction that suggests only hypothesis that can be verified are...
  16. P

    Did the Nazis consider Russians to be Aryans?

    Where did ethnic Russians fit into the Nuremberg Laws, were they considered to be of related blood?
  17. F

    Maximum separatist and anti-communist collaborations with Nazis within USSR

    Leadership the Third Reich takes every measure necessary to exploit and encourage separatism and anti-communism within USSR from day one of Operation Barbarossa (Nazi racial ideology takes a backseat to the destruction of the Soviet state) How much further would Soviet regime be undermined?
  18. C

    What was the planned fate of Poland and the Polish population if the Nazis won WW2?

    What was the planned fate of Poland and the Polish population if the Nazis won the war? I've read that as high as 85% of the Polish population would be killed through "extermination through labor" and starvation and the rest enslaved as serfs on the farms of German settlers. Also that Poles...
  19. richiethewanderer

    What if the nazis and german army did not have cool uniforms?

    What would be the impact on today's world if they looked like generic soldiers or had ugly uniforms? For many people the first thing that caught their eye was the rather nice uniforms. They also make good visuals for movies/tv, games, toys, collectors. I am asking mostly about their place in pop...
  20. 1759

    Weather Station Kurt - Nazi ops in Labrador 1943

    Weather Station Kurt (Wetter-Funkgerät Land-26) was an automatic weather station, erected by a German U-boat crew in Northern Labrador, Dominion of Newfoundland in October 1943. Installing the equipment for the station was the only known armed German military operation on land in North America...