1. W

    Structure of Berlin Police force in Weimar Germany and cooperation between these forces

    Good morning, I'm currently searching for the ranks and structure of the Berlin Police force in Weimar Germany (1919-1933). What was the structure inside the Kriminalpolizei, the Schutzpolizei and other forces? How did they interact and cooperate with each other in cases? Do these ranks differ...
  2. F

    What was the role of communication technology in establishing the regime in Italy and Germany in XX century?

    I'm searching for any publications that will give me the information about how was the comms tech used by Mussolini and Hitler - I know that during the Nazi rule the ministry of propaganda distributed FM receivers so the people could hear the propaganda, but I can't find any publications about...
  3. A

    Distinction between fascism and Nazism?

    I often see the two conflated, but I've seen people insist that they are distinct. So what exactly is the distinction?
  4. xMathFanx

    Is Nazism a Statistically Relevant/Significant Concern in the Modern World?

    Is Nazism a Statistically Relevant/Significant Concern in the Modern World?
  5. tomar

    What criteria define nazism ?

    What are unique criteria (or unique combination of criteria) which define it with precision ? (i.e.: a regime meeting these criteria or combination of criteria can be defined as nazi .... and lets assume here that the "technical criteria" of having a party calling itself national socialist is...
  6. J

    Was Hitler's nazism on the extreme right or left in the political compass?

    Hi everyone! Nationalism is just one small aspect of the many many aspects of a political compass. Read about it: I also suggest to fill the test yourself! The edification: A person or party doesn't need to be on the extreme edge of...
  7. T

    Nazism in context

    Hi, I'm new here. While I'm sure Nazism has been beaten to death here, for me at least it is something I'm not entirely familiar with. I'm kind of curious on where Nazism is in line with previous traditions and ideologies, what it's historical precursors were, what it's ideological innovations...
  8. VHS

    Japanese militarism, fascism, and nazism

    We know that Japanese militarism wasn't fascist, but for convenience, many people have called the Japanese militarism during the Pacific War Japanese fascism. Nazism was another story. Please clarify! Wikipedia isn't exactly the most reliable source.
  9. General Winter

    A creeping revival of Nazism ?

    Strange news of last monthes : Japan to re-examine verdicts in war crimes trials from Second World War - Telegraph TASS: World - Canada, US, Ukraine vote against UN resolution condemning glorification of Nazism And round out the picture the last one : Teachers in Germany Want Hitler's 'Mein...
  10. zar marco

    Nazism's museum

    Hi everyone, in 2008 I went at nazism's museum at Nuremberg with my girlfriend. It was very interesting and made very well. It's a museum very big that "speaks" of nazism's all history, from it's creation to it's end. Some of you have had the pleasure to visit its?
  11. V

    Communism and Nazism

    Which one was first, Communism or Nazism?
  12. holoow

    Does the glorification of Latvian Waffen SS Legion mean the glorification of Nazism?

    Brodsky: Latvia's second coming - Times Union
  13. Naima

    Nazism naming

    The. First party to use that National term was the PNF of Mussolini ... The National Fascist party "Part. Nazional Fascista" Then come the National socialist worker's party "Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei" Of Hitler ... But usually in history books you read Nazists =...
  14. S

    Benefits to Nazism

    Let's get past the Holocaust and the second world war. I'm wondering: What (if anything) positive came from the Nazis?
  15. The merchant of Venice

    How much of nazism is the product of german culture and history?

    This question got in my mind by reading the topic of germans and the shame towards their history. I would like to hear some opinions. In particular: 1) how much of the nazi and wwII process/situation was inevitable given previous german history? 2) how many of the traits of german nazism...
  16. funakison

    The romance of nazism

    No i am not a Nazi, or even a neo nazi, in fact i am a bit of tree hugging, pseudo liberal. Now what do i mean by Romantic Nazism, well certainly not candelit dinners for two with Adolf or one of his goons, what i am referring to is the face value appeal of Nazism rather than its true...
  17. P

    What is worse Nazism or Colonialism?

    What is worse Nazism or Colonialism? Your opinions.
  18. Mohammed the Persian

    Should Nazism still be outlawed ?

    Should Nazism continue to be outlawed ?
  19. Potemkin505

    Is there a lack of economic historians?

    I’m curious to hear people’s opinion about the role, and quality, of economic history. To get the ball rolling, my opinion is that there is a serious lack of quality economic knowledge among the vast majority of historian (myself fully included in that group!) When I mean economic knowledge, I...
  20. Solidaire

    From Weimar to Nazism

    I'd like to initiate a discussion about the Weimar Republic, the years preceding the rise of Hitler to power, and the reasons behind this. Germany had been the epicentre of world history during the first half of the 20th century. I consider the events that took place in that country between...