1. Clodius

    Future of Nazism?

    Just some idle (if slightly chilling) speculations. World War 2 (mercifully) seems to have put an end to Nazism as a serious political force. Nowadays it seems to be restricted to lunatic minorities. Can anybody envisage any reasonably realistic political circumstances in which it might rise...
  2. Excalibur

    Lidice movie

    Lidice is a new Czech movie about nazi atrocities in ww2. Director: Petr Nikolaev Cast: Karel Roden, Z. Fialova Lidice village Lidice is a village in the Czech Republic just north-west of Prague. It is built on the site of a previous village of the same name which, as part of the Nazi created...
  3. J

    How would Karl Marx respond to Nazism in Germany?

    Based on Karl Marx's philosophical views how would he respond to the rise of Nazism in Germany? This is not for homework it is just a hypothetical question that I want to hear others people's opinions about.
  4. Uhtred of Bebbanburg

    Nazism, Fascism, Communism (Stalinism)

    Hi guys, i'm new here on the forum floor and need some help on these political structures. I know what there about and there role in the 20th century what i am really looking for is just discussions for peoples different opinion of these systems.
  5. H

    German resistance to Nazism

    How do we remember German military resistance to Nazism? Through our culture and art? I can think of Schilders list and Valkyrie (that movie with Tom Cruise about colonel claus von stauffenberg). Can you guys help me out I need more movies or art or memorials or something that expresses German...
  6. Nick

    Jewish Nazism

    After WW1 decorated war hero Adolf Hitler joins the German workers' party. He soon becomes their leader due to his speaking skills and charisma. He is proud of his German roots, resentful of the Armistice, eager to return Germany to its prewar borders, and extremely anticommunist. He is also a...
  7. sabio

    Nazism v Communism

    I read in a speech where Churchill said, given a choice between Nazism and Communism, he would choose Communism. It is funny, because after the war, the Soviet system posed an immense threat to the West and Briton's interest, but one has to think if Nazi Germany would have posed the same threat...