1. B

    Help needed to identify an old gun

    Hi First of all, apologies if I have posted this in the wrong area. Im trying to identify what type of guns these are and if they can be repaired. I live in Ireland. They have been in our family for a long time. Thanks, in advance for your time. Aidan PS I have more photos, its hard work...
  2. Visigoth Panzer

    How Powerful of a Medieval Crossbow is Needed to Penetrate Mail?

    How powerful of a medieval European crossbow (poundage wise) do you need to penetrate riveted mail at close range (using bodkin points)? I've seen numerous articles and videos that don't give clear answers on this (some use butted mail, normal bolts, modern crossbows and other variables). This...
  3. G

    Franco Prussian War Documents help needed.

    Hi All, Where can I post documents relating to the Franco Prussian War period for translation and what they mean? I am new here and this is my first post, going to needs some guidance to begin with, trying to find my feet here. Many thanks Garde Corps.
  4. C

    Serious help needed here. Its about a photo I have taken at the Battle of the Bulge.

    Sorry, ive no way to share an original snapshot photo I have of an American Sherman tank knocked out at some point during the relief attacks made-to end the German's siege of Bastogne. This photo-was supposedly take by a German soldier after the tank was knocked out. Ive been researching this...
  5. lukaszrzepinski

    Family document - translation from Latin needed

    Hi, could anyone knowing Latin help me? I can understand from this document that family gave some rights of representation to the lawyer but what was the case about? Big thanks in advance
  6. E

    Disney Clothing Identification Help Needed

    Hello all, for a personal project I am trying to identify the names of various (presumably) historical clothing items. The problem is I have several items I want to identify and typing their descriptions in and then searching for hours can be very tedious. I imagine someone here could look and...
  7. Magas of Cyrene

    Army of Cyrene - III-I century BC - feedback needed!

    Hello, I've been working on a non-profit hobby project for quite a while now - a mod for the Rome II game, introducing the Cyrene faction. The game starts at 278 BC, three years before Magas attacked the Ptolemaic Kingdom and the game can advance about 100-150 years. Cyrene's independence...
  8. K

    Most Needed Tool For Teachers?

    I'm not a history teacher but I have a degree in the subject and I have often considered teaching. My question is, when those of you who are teachers are in the classroom are there any tools you wish you had? Would replica's of the Parthenon or a trebuchet be useful since there are hands on...
  9. I

    Help needed with Soviet Army/NKVD Ranks

    hi every one... i am translating Biographies of Soviet Army Generals of ww2 Era to farsi. my main Source is and i have some questions about some ranks ... i want to know equivalent of these ranks in Soviet Regular Army Ranking System. i want to explain that this rank in NKVD is...
  10. Y

    A new Tito in need to prevent another war in the countries of former Yugoslavia!

    Is there a new Tito needed to prevent another war in the countries of former Yugoslavia?
  11. J

    Interns, Volunteers and Assistants needed for Shades of Truth Theater!

    We need interns, volunteers, and assistants to assist in our productions. We showcase plays that teach about the Black experience in American history. We are looking for secondary and tertiary high school students as well as college students and graduate students. You will receive college...
  12. Nschoones

    Help needed on Willem 3 (dutch king) stamp?

    Hey guys, My mother bought this stamp on a flee market, I'm looking to find out if its from Willem 3 period. And who made it? Looks like it's made from bronze, it's quite heavy for its size. Front obviously says its Willem 3 (Dutch king 1849–1890). Back says J. Diem, Mannheim Can't seem to...
  13. The merchant of Venice

    How many books are needed?

    Ok, this is probably a silly question, but in your opinion, how many books it is needed to read and study in order to achieve a good level of proficiency for a particular field, such as, roman history, the usa civil war etc etc
  14. ppyle

    History of History - Theory research reccs needed

    Hello all! I'm having trouble finding sources and information for a project. I am trying to research how social movements have been studied by historians over time. Any suggestions for how I can search for that?:weird:
  15. maharbbal

    Help needed: Eastern Europe Industrialization

    Hi everyone, I'm presently doing some digging around on the economic history of Eastern Europe (for the period roughly 1812-1945) and, well, I'm not finding much. There are a few stuff about Russia. But it tends to be very much centered at the level of the empire as a whole. It is often...
  16. N

    Election in the Classroom - Help needed

    Hello! I am a second year JH social studies teacher (second career though) and I would love to do a short unit on the election process and hold a mock election. Does anybody have any ideas of how to put this together? I have done some research but not totally satisfied of what I have found...
  17. skapeti

    More info needed about a Byzantine ivory casket.

    Anyone recognize this item? looking for pictures of all its sides, and who made it, where and when, if possible. Thanks
  18. A

    Serious Help Needed: WWII Soldier Diaries?

    Hi everyone, I've been in search of diaries from soldiers fighting on the Eastern Front during WWII in the German invasion of the USSR. I've been searching for months and months, but I haven't been able to find anything! I remember reading of how the German tanks began to malfunction because...
  19. P

    Policy of Containment / Panama help needed

    I'm having trouble finding information on how the United States involvement in Panama supported the Policy of Containment and I was wondering if anyone could help me out?
  20. N

    Bonjour and WW2 French Resistance Info needed

    Bonjour. I'm gathering research and I need information about the WW2 Alibi and Maurice French Resistance. Does anyone know information as to how they smuggled downed Allied pilots to safe houses in La Harve and Reims?