1. Benjamin

    The Dreyse needle gun and the Second Schleswig War, 1864

    The following is an excerpt of my article: THE PRUSSIAN NEEDLE GUN MAKES ITS DEBUT – THE SKIRMISH AT LUNDBY 1864" The full article can be found at The village of Lundby near Aalborg, Denmark 3 July 1864 – early morning. Heymann, a young Prussian corporal, is nervous. For the...
  2. sven.kriti

    Is the golden Needle in Agios Nikolaos authentic?

    0 Agios Nikolaos, Crete , Archaeological Museum Is the Minoan Golden Needle given by Jean Piere Olivier in 1981 genuine? By Sven Buchholz Gorilla. CR Zf 1. Epingle d΄or. Measure 5 cm ! I first came to visit the archaeological museum of Agios Nikolaos in 1993. This archaeological...
  3. tjadams

    Dreyse Needle Gun

    Can someone fill me in on the history or development on the "Needle Gun"? or Zundnadelgewehr. I came across a mention of the weapon developed by Johann von Dreyse. Was the gun popular? Was it used much? Did it revolutionize more weapon development?
  4. A

    Eye of the needle -- smaller than you think?

    I'm halfway through Richard Marius' Martin Luther: The Christian between God and Death; a very absorbing book indeed. It details the German reformer's then-radical theology and delves deeply into what I'm sure most here already know of his dissensions with the Church of Rome: denunciations of...