1. B

    The Battle of Negro Fort

    The British and the native American allies built a fort in the Florida panhandle, near the gulf coast and 60 miles south of Georgia during the War of 1812. The British abandoned it at the end of the war, and it was taken over by runaway slaves. About 1000 runaway slaves settled in the areas near...
  2. Baltis

    Negro League Baseball - History and Heroes

    This past week I started working on a thread to look at the history of the Negro Leagues in the USA. Interesting stuff. Just as one might expect, I found that African-Americans have been playing the game from its earliest. Hopefully, this thread will be a place one might gain useful information...
  3. arras

    Riots in Monte Negro

    Do somebody know what's going on? According to info I got, Montenegrin parliament adopted resolution to join NATO. Given majority of Montenegrins are against NATO it led to protests demanding resignation of government which were dispersed by police. Videos from protests looks rather serious...
  4. gravyten577

    Malians chaining children Ibn Battuta

    According to Ibn Battuta the people of Mali would chain their children to make sure that they would be diligent in learning the Koran by heart. Many have interpreted this to mean that they were doing this because they were afraid they would be enslaved for not being Muslims. This post will show...
  5. Druzhina

    Negro Soldiers in Mediterranean Armies, 12th-13th centuries

    Negro Soldiers in Mediterranean Armies, 12th-13th centuries Ian Heath based his Negro Soldiers, 12th-13th centuries on: the Mosaic from the church of S. Maria Maggiore, Vercelli Negro Swordsmen in the Capitals of Monreale Cathedral, Palermo, Sicily, 1174 to 1182 AD Cantiga 46 - A Moor made war...
  6. Baltis

    Negro Life 1850s

    Glad you guys enjoyed the images, here are a few more.
  7. R

    Baseball Negro League Statistics

    The great babseball statistics site,, has added a database of statistics concerning the "Negro Leagues" that existed before Jackie Robinson crossed the color bar in 1947: Negro League Data Sources - I believe that researchers have been waiting...
  8. pinguin

    The Old Negro Space Program

    A very curious fake report about another space program that not many people knew... YouTube - The Old Negro Space Program
  9. N

    The negro question in the south by TOM WATSON

    Hi im trying to get some points on what Watson's answer would be to his questions: Why should the colored man always be taught that the white man of his neighborhood hates him, while a Northern man, who taxes every rag on his back, loves him? Why should not my tenant come to regard me as his...