1. P

    Greater Pakistan (Real Pakistan)

    Pakistan is a heir of 9000 year old IVC civilization, Pakistan as Indus Valley is different from other Regions of India both Racially and Culturally. it's worth Mentioning that Pakistan got Maimed by British and Gandhi alliance in 1946/47. only Muslim Majority Districts were Divided based on...
  2. K

    Nehru killed bose, New documents reveal how nehru called bose a war criminal.

    After the recent declassification of files, it is quite clear bose didnot die in the crash and Nehru knew it. what would this make Nehru to be?
  3. tornada

    Did Nehru Really Reject a Permanent UNSC Seat? Why?

    The Hindu : `Nehru declined offer of permanent U.N. seat' How accurate is this? Its an old article, but do we have any documentary corroboration? And if this is true (I'm amazed that Shashi Tharoor and the Congress continue to hail Nehru despite knowing this!) then do we know why the hell Nehru...
  4. A

    Nehru led to defeat of 1962

    It is firm view of many Indians that Nehru was the man responsible for the debacle that happened in 1962 in Sino Indian war and so I think it is better that we analyse this . all comments and insights invited.