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    Neo-Babylonian = Armenian?

    Nebuchadnezzar IV also known as Arakha, was a self-proclaimed King of Babylon Arakha (meaning 'crown prince' in Armenian) and he was an Armenian and the son of Haldita ( Chaldee? ) Chaldee are an Armenian people living around the Black Sea So why would Nebuchadnezzer IV be identified as an...
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    Neo-Babylonian Empire and Yuan Dynasty vs. Golden Horde and Maurya Empire

    Neo-Babylonian Empire is in 570 B.C. under Nebuchadnezzar II. Yuan Dynasty is in 1300 under Temur Khan. Golden Horde is in 1320 under Oz Beg Khan. Maurya Empire is in 220 B.C. under Samprati. Assuming these all come to exist at the same time, who would win if the Neo-Babylonians and the Yuan...