1. Ajathashatru

    Archaeology Updates (India)

    This thread is intended to serve as a newsletter on important archaeology updates from the Indian subcontinent. Finds of any importance, small or big may be posted here. Images are highly entertained. Happy posting! :)
  2. larkin

    From the 30's to the 80's, Movietone news reels

    For 20th century history buffs. Huge, library of British Movietone news reels on Youtube. Lt7YfNkYSKY HYhFjvoa56E aojd655HFy8 SeFIG2MEldM r4i_uH49B08
  3. shootseven

    Another alleged photo of Billy the Kid (that's not actually him) making news

    Over the last 24 hours, another wannabe Billy the Kid photo has made news; with such headlines as "Experts Say Photo of Billy the Kid, Lawman Is Real Deal" (Associated Press) and even worse "Fourth known image of the notorious outlaw is bought at a flea market for $10" (no, Daily Mail, there is...
  4. F

    Fake news, new and old

    While "fake news" are a relatively new part of my vocabulary I feel certain that what is behind has been there since before dawn of history. Some news, and I am afraid it could be a significant parts of most eras , were rooted in lies or imagination, misunderstanding etcetera. So what most...
  5. C

    Basic Income in the news

    Basic income is a growing issue as the 1% take more wealth. Check out basic income on google, there are many articles. Ontario and Finland are doing pilots. Plus many studies done over the years find people work more not less with a basic income.
  6. Naomasa298

    Breaking news: T-rex was big and scaly

    Study casts doubt on the idea of 'big fluffy T. rex' - BBC News Seems that the large carnivorous therapods were exactly the way the old books used depict them after all! I want my money back.
  7. J

    What a good Maya history book with the latest news ?

    I was looking for a good book about the Maya but I can only find older ones, I know the Maya history is an ongoing study so I like to read a newer book not 1930's ! Thanks
  8. A

    Dinosaur Family Tree Shake-up (Trending in the News)

    Hey every one. There's a new Shake-up on the dinosaur family tree. And yes birds or Avian-Dinosaurs are still technically and scientifically/biologically regarded as dinosaurs. Check out the news. New...
  9. Ancientgeezer

    On News Year's Eve and New Year's Day

    On New Year's Eve 870, the Battle of Englefield: Æthelred of Wessex's men under Berkshire ealdorman Æthelwulf beat the invading Danish army.
  10. Guaporense

    Selinunte archaeology news

    Archaeologists Unearth ?Greek Pompeii? in Sicily - History in the Headlines Incredible site. Never hear of it before specially considering it was a major city.
  11. World History Fan

    What was the first major news event that you remember being aware of as a kid?

    What the first major News event you remember as a Child being aware of? I remember them talking about Columbine when I was 7. The first Non-Casualties News Event I remember was the 2000 Presidential Election (The earliest election I can remember) The first major breaking news event (where...
  12. Frank81

    Gore news from South Sudan

    South Sudan report details cannibalism, rapes - Damn, so they wanted independence to behave like that :deadhorse:
  13. Aleeacerix the Gaul

    Vice News: White People Explain Why They Feel They Oppressed

    White People Explain Why They Feel They Oppressed | VICE | Canada Another anecdotal bias article about why whites will have to suck it up if they are being discriminated against people of colour. Problems about these articles is that they twist their definition of racism and assume they know...
  14. Sharks And L0ve

    White crime - A reflection on the racist American news narrative

    You know, there are people who are going to tell you that it's just a few bad apples... but 84% of white murder victims were killed by white people. That's not racism, that's just facts. *Note: All races committ crime, the above is a video satirizing...
  15. V

    News from Serbia

    Draža Mihailović has been rehabilitated by the decision of the Higher Court in Belgrade. What that means?
  16. Ruiy

    Astrobiology afternoons. Some news.

    Astrobiology Magazine Exploring the Solar System and beyond
  17. Wenge

    Historic News Anchors

    For lack of a better title I have entitled this thread Historic News Anchors! Television journalism has always been important to me. American television has been blessed with some incredible men who have reported the news for us. Living in a country with a dearth of objective and subjective...
  18. Belloc

    40 images of captured Sherman tanks in German hands!

    These are interesting: 40 images of captured Sherman tanks in German hands! - WAR HISTORY ONLINE
  19. C

    hello ım news

    hello ım news My name is che and I am from kuba.
  20. Redbad

    Turkey in the news

    BBC News - Turkey president Erdogan: Women are not equal to men