1. SSDD

    Why did not Italy claim savoy, Nice and Corsica?

    These areas as I know were Italian. Savoy and Nice were part of Piedmont and Corsica was part of Republic of Genoa. After unification of Italy in 1871, Italy always wanted to get back Trentino-Trieste from Austria-Hungary. Yet they never claimed to get back Savoy, Nice and Corsica. why?
  2. H

    Nice to meet you all!

    Hello :laugh: I haven't used a forum before, so please forgive any mistakes I make. I'm a 19 year old college student with an interest in history from a wide array of locations and time periods. Right now I'm especially interested in the English Romantics and their lives and time period...
  3. P

    Nice wee xmas tale.

    Spotted a nice wee xmas flavoured tale with WW 2 connections in one of this week's newspapers. Xmas is the season of goodwill and the modern surviving family of 617 Dambusters Squadron pilot ''Hoppy'' Hopcraft -played by Scots actor John Fraser in the 1954 ''Dambusters'' movie-:D announced that...
  4. J

    Can you be nice to everybody?

    In many religions, particularly Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity, it teaches you to love everybody, be compassionate to everybody even if they are not so nice themselves. I think this is a beautiful teaching, but whenever I have tried to practice it in real life, I have found it next to...
  5. heirtothewind

    A list of the naughty and nice

    A favorite quote of mine from Machiavelli- Many have written about idealistic kingdoms that have never existed. But how we live is so far removed from how we ought to live, that he who abandons what is done for what ought to be done will bring on his own ruin rather than self-preservation. A...
  6. ImKervin

    Hello, Nice to meet you!

    Hi, I came across this site after googling a question on my phone and it somehow got directed here and actually thankful. I got the app now and I really like the discussions a lot of people are commenting about stuff. I tried making a thread through the app in my phone but I couldn't so I...
  7. purakjelia

    Some very nice pictures about Ming weapons

    Some very nice pictures about Ming weapons and warfare that I found on Chinese internet sites. Very useful resources for those interested in the history of Chinese warfare.
  8. heirtothewind

    Nice Site

    Retired lawyer here, but always wanted to be a Professor of Latin and Classical Archaeology. Languages include Latin, Old English, and German. Particularly interested in Epigraphy, Palaeography, and [at one time] Numismatics --- wrote many articles on coins.
  9. J

    Hello, nice to meet you

    Hello Historum, My name is JJ. I am a high school social studies teacher as well as history blog author. I have taught all manner of history courses, as well as psychology and some other electives. I received a BA in history and psychology as well a an MAT in Social Studies. I have always...
  10. A

    Nice to meet you and talk to you...

    Best regards to all users of this forum, especially I'd like to thank the administration for not deleting my posts. aniart
  11. P

    Nice website

    This looks like a great website. I'm glad to be a part of it. Let's make history!
  12. Stefan Nemanja

    Hello people,nice to be here

    Hello everyone.I am from Serbia.First year student of history.I have been following this amazing site for quite some time,but somehow i never registered.I am primarily interested in Ancient Greek and Roman history,my knowledge is mostly military based but not exclusive.Besides that, the history...
  13. J

    I wanna thank the mods for this nice forum

    You guys have made a new home for us all---> history lovers:D
  14. M

    Caesar's treatment of Gauls nice compared to what Optimates might do?

    I just read Caesar's commantaries on Gaul and to my surprise he did not just go genocide on the Gauls like popular opinion made me believe. -The Gauls asked him to help. He made allies with Aedui and kept a democratic council with Gallic chiefs, many whom were friends and respected them. -...
  15. R

    Nice to meet you

    Hi, guys! I'm really excited to be here, among lots of history researchers. I'm just a student, but I'm looking forward to learning a lot with you. Hope I enjoy this environment. See you! :)
  16. A

    Nice to meet you all!

    Hello everybody! My name is Akelo. I live in the American state of Florida. I am 14 and I attend high school. The reason I joined is because I am a HUGE history fanatic. World history is my favorite subject in school. I am especially fond of imperialism and modern times from about 1900. So thanks!
  17. D

    Nice to meet you!

    I stumbled upon this site with one specific question I had googled, (trying to answer my daughter) and find it very pleasant indeed. Will make it a daily read. Diederik from Amsterdam
  18. Arlecchino

    What a nice forum!

    Hi all historum people! I'm Arlecchino from Italy, to be precise Bergamo in Lombardy (not far from Milan). I'm 21 and I study Energy Engineering at the Politecnico of Milan but I'm a passionate lover of History, Society, Politics and Military. Due to my military interests my attentions in...
  19. Yoshihime

    Nice to meet you.

    Well hi there. This is a bit embarrassing, all I know about the Sengoku period came from a video game and the Wikipedia searches that followed. (Samurai Warriors) It's historically accurate for the most part, but it plays around with things a bit (I.e Mitsuhide Akechi playing a role at...
  20. Nadir

    Nice and Genoa 1608- Aliens?

    Nice and Genoa 1608 On the evening of August 5th, 1608, three luminous craft were seen by the towns residents over Baie des Anges in Nice, France, The craft were long, oval in shape and flattened along their lengths, each with a "strange mast" on top of them. The bay waters began to frothe...