1. Kirialax

    Normans vs spiders - who would win?

    Spiders, obviously. Hence why it's not in speculative history. From Geoffrey Malaterra, The Deeds of Count Roger 2.36 (trans. Wolf, p. 114) "Setting out from there, in the year of the Incarnation of the Lord 1064 with five hundred knights, the brothers crossed the sea at Faro and passed through...
  2. V

    Norman population in England

    Hi! When England was under Norman rule approximately what was the population of Normans? Which area of present day England were they mostly concentrated at? Was there much intermarriage with Anglo saxons? Are there many present day English who have some Norman blood? Thanks for your thoughts. Chris
  3. K

    Roman legion vs Norman army from 1066

    In a hypothetical situation, and to purely satisfy my (and hopefully others) curiosity, if one could take a Roman legion from the reign of Augustus (say 27BC) and place them on a flat plan with no trees, and take William the bastard and his Norman army from the battle of Hastings and put them on...
  4. notgivenaway

    Is the story of the Norman Conquest confusing since the facts were doctored?

    Parts of the "facts" of 1066 don't make sense. We can never know, but my hunch tells me somebody at the time (or in later centuries) doctored the information at hand. History is sometimes written by the victors, after all. King Edward the Confessor couldn't have promised the throne to William...
  5. Mrbritishman

    Norman army of the first crusade.

    Do we have any numbers on such? I've tried to research it, but nothing surfaces.
  6. Visigoth Panzer

    Norman raids Indian Ocean

    If the Suez canal existed around 1000 A.D. and the Normans could sail through it (either through force or alliance) could they have raided trade ships in the Indian Ocean? Could their longships have fared well in the Indian Ocean? Alternatively could they have set up Norman kingdoms along...
  7. AlpinLuke

    Tancredi ... the Norman and Jerusalem.

    There are real historical disputes about who was the first knight to enter Jerusalem in 1099 CE, but Tancredi has got only a competitor: Gastone IV from Béarn. But ... who was this champion of Christianity? He was son of Oddone [marquise of the Monferrato, a land not far from here] and of Emma...
  8. L

    What changed after the Norman Invasion of England?

    Lots of my teachers have said that the Norman Conquest changed the course of England's future entirely, and that it was a very important event. Can anyone give me reasons why, because my teachers have never really explained it.
  9. I

    Norman Davies. 'Europe. History'

    Hello! Just bought this book yesterday and I seem to be highly enjoying it! Any thoughts?
  10. Kirialax

    Defensive naval formations

    In Anna Komnene's twelfth-century Alexiad, she describes a formation used by Bohemond's Normans during the crossing of the Adriatic when they invaded the Byzantine Balkans in 1107. She claims he had a core of twelve warships which were then surrounded by transport vessels for protection. This...
  11. Luke of Suffolk

    Extended Project - Was the Norman Victory at Battle of Hastings a foregone conclusion

    Hello, I don't need 'help' with this as such, just clarification that I will be on the right track. To analyses whether or not the Norman Victory was a foregone conclusion, I will trying to find sources/information about nearby garrisons that Godwinson could have called on to replace his...
  12. Barbarossa

    Norman nobility

    Just a thought I had in mind. How could the small Duchy of Normandy have enough manpower of nobles to populate all the lands in England and Wales, to control Sicily and southern Italy, as well as Cyprus, and to have large presence in the First Crusade. Not to mention owning lands in Aquitaine...
  13. funakison

    How divided was Norman Britain.

    Popular fiction would have us believe that cruel, tyrannical Norman barons oppressed their Saxon counterparts imposing punitive taxes and harsh justice. What is the reality.
  14. notgivenaway

    How come some names survived the Norman Conquest and others didn't?

    William, Henry, John, and Richard for obvious reasons come in England post-1066. But then Edward, Edgar, Alfred, Harold, Edwin, even a few people are called Ethelbert or Egbert (not many granted). How come this is so?
  15. notgivenaway

    Norman wars

    Say if King Harold defeated William at Hastings, and had him killed. William's son were alive in 1066 CE, at least i think Robert Curthouse and William (real life William II) were. So most likely Robert would Duke of Normandy supported by William Jr. Say also Harold started a war on the Duchy...
  16. William Olsen

    Norman Cohn and Donald Trump

    Hi; If this thread appears elsewhere here, my apologies, although my last effort at posting this seems to have died. I was wondering what people think on this site as to the research Norman Cohn did for "Pursuit of the Millennium" and the presidential candidate we just can't seem to hear enough...
  17. S

    Was the Norman conquest good for England in the long run?

    One of the results of the Norman conquest was that it turned England's orientation south to Europe rather than to Scandinavia. There's no right or wrong answer to this I think, but I think that if the Normans had been defeated and never tried to conquer again, then either Anglo-Saxon England...
  18. notgivenaway

    Norman classism in Britain post-Hastings

    It's said that the UK had a rigid class system due to (ultimately) the victory at Hastings. And whilst many acknowledge that the Normans introduced concepts that last today (a lot of which re-worked Saxon ideals/norms) peope resent that centuries old classism stems from them. It's true that...
  19. V

    Norman history

    Hi! I would like to know was it the Vikings or the Normans that invaded County Durham in the U.K? I had the impression the Normans invaded the south of England and the Vikings the north of England. Thanks for you time. Just studying my ancestry at the moment and find it all very interesting...
  20. Haardrada

    Norman Knights fighting on foot.

    Hi I'm aware of Norman Knights fighting on foot at Hastings in 1066.But I am looking for evidence that the Normans of the South fighting on foot when necessary. I have certainly once read that some Knights fought dismounted at the Battle of Civitate.,but I'm not sure as to how true this is or...