1. W

    New theory : w(h)ore vs score -examining sexual norms

    So the age-old drama of sexual politics in high school is replaying itself but in a new and naked fashion on Facebook. When the boys get sexual, they 'score' and the girls, well you know, they get labeled a w(h)ore. Take for example a recent post where there are 50+ likes for a half-dressed...
  2. Jake10

    How can a we contradict norms in society that we don't agree with?

    Societies depend on a degree of agreement between community members. From a very early age children are taught to conform to restrictions and regulations, but some of these don't always make sense. At the same time, contradicting society's norms can result in social isolation, and loss of...
  3. nerdynguyen

    Marriage Age and Cultural Norms

    I have noticed a strong resistence in Western culture to early-teen marriage, especially where a significantly older male is involved. Yet for most of human history, and in many existing parts of the world, this was not only acceptable it was the norm. Marriage isn't always about romance or...