1. Fabius Maximus

    English and French North American empires swapped round

    Let's say that France ends up colonising the eastern seaboard of North America whereas Britain colonises the St. Lawrence and Mississippi, rather than the other way round like in real life. How would this affect the development of their respective colonies, the interactions between them, etc.?
  2. Visigoth Panzer

    Turks of North Africa

    The Ottoman turks ruled much of north Africa for three hundred years, was their any significant settlement of turks there during that time? I've heard the population of Algeria is between 5-20% Turkish descent but do these people identify as turks or just acknowledge their heritage?
  3. R

    Scythians and Kushans are the reason north west India is highly vegetarian ?

    Out of hundreds of conquerors of India only few migrated and settled in India as Nomads and tribes. Scythians and Kushans ruled north west India for nearly 1000 years right before Islamic age and during this time we see rise of Non Vedic Caucasoid population and castes in North West India...
  4. Futurist

    Why wasn't there much European settlement in France's North American colonies?

    Why wasn't there much European settlement in France's North American colonies? After all, apart from Quebec and Louisiana, Europeans don't appear to have settled in large numbers in any of the French colonies in the Americas. In turn, this raises an interesting question--why exactly was this...
  5. O

    Napoleon creates an Empire in North America

    What if Napoleon hadn’t sold Louisiana, but had started to build up a power base there at the hight of his power (I guess that would be before the invasion of Russia?). So after a battle similar to the Battle of the Nations he evacuated there with a big part of his army. The allies could drive...
  6. R

    What of Basil II tried to conquer the Levant and North Africa

    What if instead of going after Bulgaria he tries to do what Heraclius did and tried to recover the Levant and North Africa from the Arabs, would he have succeeded with what was arguably the best army in the West at that time?
  7. R

    Could the Byzantines have held onto the Levant and North Africa with better generals

    Could the Byzantines have held onto the Near East and North Africa if they had better quality of leadership, or if someone like Caesar, Scipio, or Alexander was in charge of the Byzantine army in the Levant? Could Alexander or Caesar at the very least force a stalemate or a very costly victory...
  8. Futurist

    How much larger would North Africa's European population be without the World Wars?

    How much larger would North Africa's European population be without the World Wars? For the record, I am especially curious about the African countries that border the Mediterranean Sea as well as about Eritrea. Indeed, it is worth noting that, if I recall correctly, Algeria, Libya, and Eritrea...
  9. DavidChandler

    LuneTube - History films from North Lancashire

    LuneTube is a channel packed with short films all about the history of North Lancashire, England. The films cover a range of subjects and periods of history. Topics include a lost bath house, a WW2 fuel refinery, the iconic red phone box, the ancestors of George Washington and many more. You...
  10. N

    Is it possible north east native Americans knew about the Maya?

    I just finished an exellent novel about Norse settlers in Greenland in the 12th century, "When the land darkens" by Tore Kvæven. So far it's only been published in Norwegian, but the reviews are first-rate so I think there will be translations. The litterary quality and the level of research is...
  11. M

    Kansas-Missouri and the North South divide

    Ok so this is a topic I've had in mind for awhile, but basically it always seemed significant to me that when the divisions were occurring during the US civil war, such as in the form of Union and Confederacy when new states were entering their status as a free or slave state was often...
  12. TrueHistory77

    The British 8th Army in North Africa - Cowardliness or Incompetence?

    I read somewhere that the British 8th Army suffered from an unusually high rate of desertion and that many of its men displayed a distinct unwillingness to fight either the Italians or the Germans. In fact, things got so bad that Auchinleck (C in C) wired Churchill to have the death penalty...
  13. DavidChandler

    North Lancashire history films

    LuneTube is a video channel set up by a group of history enthusiasts and film-makers in North Lancashire. We produce short films all about the heritage of our local area. Subjects range from architecture to criminal history to lost railways. All set against the backdrop of one of the most...
  14. B

    Extent of North Vietnamese Nationalism as cause of victory?

    Hi, I'm new to the forums but have an essay and was looking for some ideas on how you would structure an essay on the impact/ success of north Vietnamese nationalism in the war. I know that it was important, but I'm having trouble nailing down exactly how to discuss its impact. Also would the...
  15. B

    Indo-European homeland is North India

    The original Indo-European (Aryan) homeland is North India, as proven by Shrikanth Talageri. The Vedas have recorded history of tribes expanding outwards from India into Europe after the Battle of 10 kings. The battle of 10 kings was fought by the Alans, Persians, Bactrians, Pakhtoons...
  16. A

    Hello from mid north South Australia

    Hi to all my fellow history enthusiasts. I only came across this forum by accident, but decided to join when I found it an active discussion place for all things historical. Glad to see it hasn't gone the way of so many other forums since social media has taken off. About me: obviously a keen...
  17. Bonne22

    North Korea and USA

    I have very afraid North Korea vs USA. The world could end? If USA attack North Korea or otherwise; it reply to the fire with the fire. I trust in the man's knowledge. we all have studied many wars and we know what they are doing. Alby
  18. VHS

    How the north was lost: The case of Mexico

    Mexico was once significantly larger than it is today; it once held New Mexico, California, Arizona, parts of Utah, Colorado, and Nevada. By size, the First Mexican Empire rivaled Achaemenid Empire; the succeeding First Republic of Mexico was as large. How did Mexico lose the north? Could...
  19. P

    Aso ‘thanks’ North Korea for helping LDP win election

    Does anybody have a weird feeling that Japan and North Korea are helping each other and we don't know it? North Korea, a state capitalist country that got rid of Marxism right at the latter part of the Cold War. Japan, a very ultra-capitalistic country, so to name. The two countries have one...