1. P

    Bronze Age Chariots Excavated in Northern India

    after Rakhigadh site discovery new discovery happened what forum members opinion?
  2. G

    Roman legionary camp discovered in Northern Poland

    "We have evidence that Roman legionaries were present in Kuyavia", say archaeologists: Archeolog: mamy dowody na obecno?? rzymskich legionistów na terenie Polski | Nauka w Polsce Evidence of Roman presence between the 1st and 4th centuries AD was found in Kuyavia...
  3. Polynikes

    Gascons, Basques, Spaniards: relationship between Southern France and Northern Spain

    What were the cultural, linguistic, governmental, political and ethnic ties between the south of France and northern Spain during the medieval period? I discussed this before in another thread of mine but I'm much more interested in learning more about this dynamic. Were both areas essentially...
  4. F

    Ancient contacts Northern Asia, Northwestern Americas

    While most claims of contacts betwenn the Americas and the rest of the world before the 1490ś forme appear to be somewhat speculative (except not extensive contacts with the norse and perhaps also a few contactas with polynesians), there is one large region, that of the eastern Siberian...
  5. R

    Dinosaurs of the northern regions

    Recent excavations and research indicate that several species of dinosaurs roamed further north than previously suspected: some even came close to the Arctic regions. Now, unless they were warm-blooded or covered with some kind of protective coat (feathers? possibly even real fur?), how could...
  6. O

    Why was there a split in cultures in bronze age Northern China?

    Why was there such a sharp contrast between a pastoral, 'barbarian' group of peoples who dwelled in the more northern and arid parts of the North China and a 'civilized' Sinitic group of peoples centered around the Yellow River? What exactly made this a development that took place for more than...
  7. F

    Russia/China/Europe near future

    Some speculations. Will Russia still remain on its own, or may it make a team with China, probably as "Junior partner", where China in many ways take the lead? Then both may sustain their authoritarian leadership and distinct ways for longer time. Europe: Was then the seemingly fit way of...
  8. Polynikes

    Northern Italy vs. Southern Italy throughout history in regards to military history?

    Why had Northern Italy almost always possess an edge over Southern Italy when it came to military history? What historical details, geographic factors, and societal norms allowed the North to be the real hotbed for broadly speaking Italian military power? From what I understand, from the times...
  9. Polynikes

    Byzantines settling in Northern Italy during the Dark Ages?

    Hi, My friend is capable of tracing his family back to the dark ages apparently, his family history says that his family originally came from what the source refers to as the 'Greco-Roman Empire'. How is that possible? Was there an influx of Byzantines to Northern Italy during this period, if...
  10. Futuristic

    Why is Northern Europe so overrated and Southern Europe so underrated

    I find Italy to have produced more scientifically, artistically, philosophically, even Law content than Norway, Sweden and Finland combined. But Italy has bas reputation while these 3 countries have great reputation. Italy's life expectancy is higher. The cuisine is much more developed...
  11. EmperorTigerstar

    Favorite Northern War?

    There are several wars that are branched together as the Northern Wars. Which one is your favorite? While the Great Northern War is interesting, I love the second one the most. Sweden's blitz-style occupation of Western Poland is one of my favorite war moments to learn about. How about you guys...
  12. Polynikes

    Northern Italian and Milanese knights fighting for Kingdom of Sicily?

    Hi, from what I've been reading recently, during the reign of Frederick II many Milanese nobles were given titles and lands in Sicily, why exactly were so many feudal lords brought to Sicily and what was their motivation for coming? If anyone could provide any good books or articles related to...
  13. Futurist

    Why didn't France annex Tunisia like it did with (northern) Algeria?

    Why didn't France annex Tunisia like it did with (northern) Algeria? Basically, I could understand France not annexing Morocco (for one, Morocco had a long history of independence), but why didn't France annex Tunisia?
  14. dlnewhouse

    Hadrians Wall and Antonine Wall

    What is the region between Hadrian's Wall and the Antonine Wall called?
  15. VHS

    Northern Song aided Liao Dynasty against the Jurchens?

    In a matter of fact, Northern Song Dynasty enjoyed a more peaceful relationship with Liao Dynasty than Southern Song Dynasty with the Jin Dynasty. Now, if Northern Song aided Liao Dynasty against the Jurchens, what might have happened? Note: Liao Dynasty was quite rotten at that point already.
  16. SSDD

    Why did not Romania fight war with Soviet Union on Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina?

    Why Finland fought a war despite being weak but Romania simply surrendered a large amount of territory. Same happened with Hungary too in 2nd Vienna Award in 1940.
  17. Karl XII

    Why didn't the Allies invade Denmark or northern Germany in 1944?

    I know France was obviously closer, but the Allies had already invaded Sicily and Southern Italy and that was much farther from Britain than Denmark would be. Denmark is extremely flat and much smaller in terms of land area to take over than France. Invading from the north would have allowed the...
  18. Joe Freeman

    What made the Mongols so successful in their conquest of Northern Hemisphere?

    After all, they were considered "savages" and "backwards" by their neighbors. They were still nomadic, and their social hierarchy was somewhat primitive. Why were they so successful?
  19. G

    why did almanzor not exterminste christian states of northern spain

    He had a United Muslim populace under him and had the military muscle and monetary pull for such an exercise. then why did he not crush them and takeover rather just raiding those parts.
  20. Druzhina

    Historical 12th century illustrations of northern Italian soldiers

    I have put together a collection of historical 12th century illustrations of northern Italian soldiers: Knights & infantry in mosaics, Cathedral (Duomo) of Sant'Evasio, Casale Monferrato, NW Italy, early 12th century Early 12th Century Frescos in San Severo Church, Bardolino, north-east Italy...