1. P

    Who, in your opinion, was the most notable Indologist?

    Of course, there is Megasthenes (Greek of antiquity) and Al-Biruni (the great medieval Persian polymath who had Indology, and Egyptology, among numerous other fields under his belt.) But I mean somebody more contemporary. Who, in your opinion, is the "Joseph Needham" (Sinology), of Indology?
  2. The Living Daylights

    Notable 20th Century Presidential Mistakes/Missed Opportunities

    Here's where you can bring up any missed opportunities or mistakes made by a president. Anything from Theodore Roosevelt and Calvin Coolidge not choosing to run for re-election, to FDR running one or two times too many. Perhaps you consider Coolidge's failure to predict the Great Depression was...
  3. EmperorTigerstar

    Notable Medieval Plays

    Shakespeare gets a lot of recognition for his plays but usually plays in the previous era before him aren't discussed much. What are notable medieval plays? One notable example is the morality play "Everyman".
  4. N

    Notable Ancient Wars from 2700-1500 BCE

    Hello, I am new here, but I plan to start coming back more often for advice and suggestions. Therefore, if this post breaks the rules in any way that I failed to see, I apologize.. Delete it and I will try again :) I have recently started a podcast, which I am intending to be a long-term...
  5. M

    Notable history of the vikings

    Since my knowledge in this area is very limited; I was hoping a few people could throw some names at me, and give me some areas to study. I'm just starting to learn about the vikings, so I don't know where to begin. Thank you. :)
  6. E

    Notable Figures from Chinese History

    In this thread I will post short biographies of any notable individuals from Chinese history. Anybody else can feel free to contribute their own additions. Xu Da Xu Da was the finest and most important general under Zhu Yuanzhang, the founder of the Ming dynasty. He was absolutely instrumental...
  7. Thessalonian

    Most notable historical analogies....

    This thread is inspired by that article: A historical analogy that works, sort of | The Economist Which historical analogies are most notable, according to you?
  8. Commander

    Notable women in history

    Who are some of the more notable women in history? It seems like most of our discussions involve men, whether they be Presidents, Generals, Philosophers, or something else. I'll start out by listing Eleanor Roosevelt. She was one of the most active First Lady's our country has ever seen. It is...