1. U

    Political note on the board left by US History teacher -Utah school

    This was left by the permanent teacher and has been up since the election. I saw it when I was subbing last week at a public high school near Salt Lake. "If you are Mexican, Muslim, Mormon, gay, transgender, disabled, female, an immigrant... I will stand with you and I'll always stand up for...
  2. B

    12 note musical scale from China?

    A friend showed this to me. Here is the claim that the 12 note scale was introduced to the West from China. Anyone have a source or more information to verify this claim?
  3. U

    Academic Guidance Becoming a better Note Taker?

    Hi I am a freshman in college and I have been overwhelmed with the joy of reading tons of chapters in my textbook every week. I have a question for anyone who has done good in college or is a highly credible source. In regards to note taking, should I read each chapter first? Then Should I take...
  4. Sigurdrifa

    The Sidonian Archer - a retelling of the Pantera legend - ~Repost

    A repost. The post in the other thread is a mess and very clunky grammatically. Sorry about the double post and please delete the first thread. This is a first draft of a novel I've been working on. AUTHOR’S NOTE The fascinating legend that Jesus’ father was neither God nor...
  5. Earl_of_Rochester

    A note on sword making

    From Philip Ball's blogspot, I've quoted his post in italic text in order to make it easier to read: homunculus: Cutting-edge metallurgy homunculus Postings from the interface of science and culture Monday, August 04, 2014...
  6. J

    Dien Bien Phu note

    I was just reading over some old college notes which briefly mentioned that after the French were defeated in the battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1954 by the Vietnamese, they were given a note reading: "DPB fin" signaling to them that their dominion over French Indochina was over. I wanted to learn...
  7. K

    A note about racism

    Racism: a social disease I am worried after reading the "Stop Syjionizmowi," published in one of the Polish websites, not in English: ?yd | Stop Syjonizmowi I did not read the well-known forgery: "Protocol of Elders of Zion," fabricated over a hundred years ago in Tsarist Russia. But this...
  8. Salah

    Lord Raglan and other British leaders of note in the Crimea

    The initial British commander in the Crimea was Fitzroy Somerset 1st Baron Raglan (1788-1855), who has lost his arm at Waterloo - he subsequently died of dysentery partway through the Crimean War. As I understand it, he was one of a generation of old soldiers, most of them Napoleonic veterans...
  9. Kirialax

    A quick note on Theodora

    The empress Theodora is one of the most famous figures in late Roman and Byzantine history. There is good reason for this, largely because we have a good quantity of highly-controversial source material. The brilliant sixth-century mosaic from the San Vitale basilica in Ravenna helps bring...
  10. Linschoten

    Longest Suicide Note in History

    Almost 2000, I haven't read it, the character of the work is clear enough from the table of contents; perhaps he thought that committing suicide was the only way to persuade anyone to read this nonsense; and I fear even that may not have succeeded...
  11. Edward

    Note hints of Israel's nuclear fleet

    The Scotsman 23 September 2010 By Dan Williams An apparently innocuous note from an official history of Israeli submarines has offered a glimpse into the murky depths of the country's nuclear secrecy. Contributing a preface for the recently published Israeli Vessels in the Fourth Dimension...
  12. K

    Black eagle note sets record sales of its kind

    On i have recently read that the black eagle note turned into the second most expensive paper money of its kind, sold at an auction on december 10'th. unfortunately it's not mentioned who was the buyer of the 1899 large size note and the real price. i would appreciate if you...