1. J

    Eurocentric revisionism?

    I was talking to a friend about the modern phenomenon of Afrocentrism, and how a lot of people of African descent feel the need to steal the history of other people in order to feel-good about their racial identity. Which is why you see things like the Black Egyptian propaganda, the Hebrew...
  2. T

    Could Christian Nubia survive?

    I've recently read a lot about Christian medieval state of Nubia (present-day Sudan) - Makuria, Alodia and Nobadia. They created original christian civilization, merging Byzantine, Coptic, Arabic and local Nubian elements. Christian states of Nubia collapsed in the course of XIV-XV century...
  3. G

    Why didnt Copts seek refuge in Nubia and Ethiopia a century after Arab invasions

    Initially Arabs were ofcourse welcomed but within the first century Copts felt Arabs were destroying their culture and religion. Their many revolts were mercilessly put down. Why didnt the Copts seek refuge in Ethiopia or Nubia which held out much stronger and could have readily accepted them...
  4. W

    Info on Makuria/Nubia in the Middle Ages?

    Recently while reading about Raynald of Chatillon and his Red Sea raids I began to take an interest in the history of Sudan during the medieval period. I was really intrigued by bits of information I read about the Christian Nubians in this era, and a Nubian Christian state known as the Kingdom...
  5. Medjay Archer

    Random Anecdotes about Egypt and Nubia

    Disclaimer This thread is not really a question thread, but rather some kind of compendium of stuff I have read about the Egypto-Nubian region and their ancient history. I tend to write a lot to make up my sh-tty memory and enhance my english in the same way. Normally, I write into my personal...
  6. Medjay Archer

    Writing System: Egypt versus Nubia

    Disclaimer: I don't want a discussion between eurocentrists and afrocentrists. PLEASE! :notrust: What caught my attention recently, but without definite answer yet is the huge time gap between the first signs of the hieroglyphic system from Egyptians (or Kemetians to be more accurate :)) and...
  7. King Saul

    Need an Arabic Translator, several pages

    I am looking for someone who is fluent in Arabic and can translate some passages from the history of Al-Maqrizi. I am looking only for information about medieval Nubia, and events involving it. I am working on my undergraduate thesis and I really need these passages translated. my email address...
  8. A

    Christian Nubia

    Does anyone know much about christian Nubia?
  9. Son Of RA

    The Ancient Nubia Military Thread:What was the military power of Ancient Nubia?

    When it comes to Africa's most underrated civilizations...IMO Ancient Nubia is among them, along with the Kongo Kingdom, Ajuuraan Empire, Oyo Empire and the Hausa city-states. People sometimes like to think of Ancient Nubia as the inferior version of Ancient Egypt. Ancient Nubia the people...
  10. K

    Nubia Birthed Egypt

    A recent publication from Maria Gatto (Yale) details the origins of both Nile Valley civilizations: link The National Geographic also dedicated a page to Egypt's origins on their webpage which was written by S.O.Y. Keita a couple of years earlier which correlates with Gatto: link This is...