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    The Nuragic Civilization

    Since I think some people here might be interested in this old and peculiar civilization, and since it is hard to find up to date manuals in English about it, I decided to make this topic. Here I will try to describe this civilization, which lasted for a millennium and which underwent noticeable...
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    The Nuragic civilization of Sardinia, was it Tarshish?

    First of, among all the lands west of Greece during the Late Bronze age, Sardinia seems to be the most advanced in many aspects. For starters, architecture wise the Sardinian people were the most proficient if we direct our attention towards west of Greece: The Nuraghi temselves are proof of...
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    Nuragic civilisation; Norax and Sardus

    Hi, I have some questions regarding the ancient Nuragic civilisation of Sardinia, that I hope someone will be able to answer. Before getting to the actual questions, let me first explain my interest. I am very much a fan of the video game Sid Meier's Civilisation 5, in which you play as a more...