1. notgivenaway

    Is there any reason why morality is objective?

    I think people fear moral subjectivity. But then if we take objective to mean something independent of human perception, then how are morals such? They're not like gravity, or the chemical composition of gold, or water. These are objective, morals imho are not. What exactly constitutes a...
  2. T

    Looking for an objective biography of Pinochet?

    Can anyone recommend a good OBJECTIVE biography of Augusto Pinochet?
  3. P

    How objective do you think you are on a scale from one to ten as a student of history

    As students of history its important we often evaluate ourselves. So I was wondering how each of you would rate your own abilities to be objective towards the topics that interests you? 1. Utterly subjective (I'll view history through my own lens) 2. Subjective (I have my own vision on history...
  4. Kapyong

    Are Christian Scholars Objective About Jesus Christ ?

    Gday all :) The subject of bias in arguments about Jesus Christ has come up lately. It's been argued that non-Christian sceptics who criticise Christian beliefs about Jesus Christ are just as biased AGAINST those beliefs, as Christian believers are biased FOR them. I've even heard the claim...
  5. W

    Looking for objective documentaries

    Hey, I'm starting a television channel (via Roku) on bellydance and the Middle East culture. I'm not looking for those documentaries that assign blame, but upbeat documentaries on the arts or on culture or history. If you know of one let me know. Thanks.
  6. B

    How to be Objective/Unbiased Historian

    Hello guys I am wondering. in history, many, many of the stories are written in many different scenarios. Sometimes it is clear which one is true, but sometimes details can go both ways. What do you think we should to objectively and unbaised-ly find the true story. when I think of it, it...
  7. D

    Any objective studies of the impact of appropriation of popular culture?

    [If there's a better place to ask the question, please point me there, but I haven't found a general sociology forum that's anywhere near as active as this one.] There's much discussion lately about cultural appropriation (or misappropriation). As near as I can understand the current usage...
  8. civfanatic

    Moral Dilemma: Subjective Inequality or Objective Equality of Human Value

    Assume you are given the following two options, and you are required to chose one: 1) Sacrifice your family and close relatives in order to save 100 million strangers living in foreign countries far away from your own home, with whom you have absolutely no contact. 2) Save your family and...
  9. M

    What was the objective of the Greek army in Thermopylae?

    The battle of Thermopylae has become a world symbol of any desperate, ill-fated struggle of the weak against the violence of the powerful. The inevitable failure and death at the end were overshadowed by the bravery of the resistance and were idealized by the romantic art of the 19th century...
  10. Robert165

    Religion and Objective Morality

    Most religious people say objective morality does not exist without god. This leads to criticism of subjective morality and the inability to make laws that govern man properly without religion. The problem is, ok, what religion???? Religious Authority in Saudi Arabia says a woman can not drive a...
  11. Robert165

    Objective Morality and Religion

    This is not an argument for or against the concept of Objective Morality. Personally I doubt that it exists, though if you accept a few basic premises, such as, “thou shall do no harm unnecessarily”, one can proceed form there to establish many other objective proofs or truths. And though I...
  12. I

    Objective and Subjective

    What splits the line between objective and subjective reality? If objective is anything you can perceive with the 5 senses. Then is time subjective? After all we can see or feal it and it playes different tunes depending on our feelings. Or is it objective because we can measure it? Any thing...
  13. Salah

    The British Objective in the War of 1812

    What was it? Was this an attempt to reclaim the colonies, or simply curb their power as an independent nation? What would have happened in the event of a British victory, and how would that victory be defined?
  14. C

    What is relative and what is objective?

    What is relative and what is objective? SGCS (Second Generation Cognitive Science) informs me that objectivity is our shared subjectivity. That is to say that everything that we think, know, or perceive is subjective to some degree and this degree of subjectivity is dependent upon the...