1. F

    Who are more prone to obsession with appearance: the attractive or the unattractive?

    Suppose we have 100 socially deemed unattractive individuals, each one of them conscious of her/his unattractiveness -- how many of them (approx.) are obsessed with appearance? Including at least one of the following: .negative self-consciousness .paying close attention to the appearances of...
  2. W

    Our children's obsession with zombies.

    Does anyone else see a parallel between our children's obsession with zombies and fiction from the turn of the 19th century regarding the contemporary, isolated worker? (Sinclair, Kafka...)
  3. YouLoveMeYouKnowIt

    Indian National Obsession With China

    India has an obsession with China. China occupies a lion share of India's brain. Its like a national sport to compare India with China not only to use China as an economic/development benchmark but also to nitpick general and specific areas where India can claim superiority over China while the...
  4. civfanatic

    History of Indian Obsession with Fair Skin

    What are the historical origins of the modern Indian obsession with fair skin? This is a very pervasive phenomenon in our culture and it could not have emerged overnight. The preference for fair skin must have developed and become entrenched over many centuries. Off the top of my head, I can...
  5. Naomasa298

    The strange obsession of the Victorians

    I have come to the conclusion that the Victorians were as mad as hatters. They had some decidedly odd ideas, and in the best QI Stephen Fry-esque fashion, I present two instances of the Victorian obsession with sticking things up people's bottoms. Now, this first one is actually not Victorian...
  6. N

    Europe's obsession with black pepper

    This might be a ridiculous topic. What were the historical reasons behind Europe's obsession with black pepper? Black pepper has the spotlight longer than any other spices. Cloves, maces, and all that but why black pepper is or was the most important? I think it's the excellent preservation...