1. C

    What if France had accepted Churchill's offer of a Franco-British Union

    Lets assume France accepted Churchill's Offer of a Franco-British Union and so did all the various governments and courts of both countries. How would it change the war? What would happen following the war? Would Britain get involved in Vietnam? Would this powerhouse country lose India and...
  2. G

    Why did France offer assylum to Khomeini

    Why did France offer assylum to the Ayotollah. Wasn't the Shah an ally of the west. Why would they take a religious cleric opposed to the west back regime of the Shah? Was this a big mistake and if not France would the Soviets or any other nation have given refuge to the Ayotollah? Is Ayotollah...
  3. Futurist

    Why did the U.S reject a French offer of colonies + ten billion francs for airplanes?

    In this book (which unfortunately doesn't have page numbers)...
  4. L

    What did Winston Churchill offer Ismet Inonu to get Turkey to join the War?

    Winston Churchill tried to get Turkey to join WW2 and open up another front against Germany, but Ismet Inonu knew that Turkey wasn't strong enough to fight the Germans (and FDR did too). What did Churchill offer them in exchange for having them join the Allies? A UN seat? Syria and the...
  5. Son of Athena

    Stalin's German Reunification Offer

    While reading The Huffington Post today I came across an editorial regarding nuclear war. In his editorial, Noam Chomsky refers to an offer of peaceful elections regarding German reunification. Here's an excerpt: "One indication of possible opportunities to blunt the threat was a remarkable...
  6. CathareHeretic

    British offer of anglo-french union, june 16, 1940

    [Great Britain, Parliament, Parliamentary Debates, Fifth Series, Volume 365. House of Commons Official Report Eleventh Volume of Session 1939-40, (London, His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1940), columns 701-702.] At this most fateful moment in the history of the modern world the Governments of...
  7. Thegn Ansgar

    Gay couple set to sue Church of England over refusal to offer same sex nuptials

    Gay Couple Set to Sue Church of England Over Refusal to Offer Same-Sex Nuptials Thoughts? I do sure find it interesting when there's been constant re-assurances that things like this would "never happen".
  8. jrbartlett

    What if Belisarius accepted Ostrogoths offer to become Western Emperor

    Title says it all, curious if anyone has any thoughts or simulations of what most likely would have followed with Belisarius becoming the Western Emperor. Since Justinian most likely wouldn't have been able to do anything regarding this. cheers
  9. Mohammed the Persian

    Why did Israel offer its presidency to Einstein ?

    He was a scientist , I don't understand the logic . :unsure:
  10. Edward

    Haw genuine was the offer of Soviet Union to help Czechoslovakia in 1938?

    During the Czechoslovakian crisis in 1938, Soviet Union offered help to Czechoslovakia providing that Soviet Army will be able to cross Polish and Romanian territory. Both countries refused to allow Soviet Army to use their territories for “transit” of troops. Were they right in their decision...
  11. jeroenrottgering

    Should Europeans offer their apologies for their colonization?

    Why are their still a lot of countries who still want payments or apologizes from their old colonizers. What is the use? Of course slavery is a bad thing, but the average European has changed and I see really no use in offering an apologize. What is your opinion about this? Should the Europeans...
  12. discover40

    How to offer new commodities to emerging countries to earn money?

    I think if developed countries and other countries adopt trade protectionism,Chinese economy will collapse and they will have to look for new market,farmlands and oils to solve unemployment problem and gain foods from other countries.But developed countries have to solve own unemployment problem...
  13. Centrix Vigilis

    Iran Talks Offer Little Progress

    Not unexpected.
  14. diddyriddick

    The Boy Scouts offer badge for Video games

    The Boy Scouts are now offering an award for playing video games. How very sad!