1. J

    Eurocentric revisionism?

    I was talking to a friend about the modern phenomenon of Afrocentrism, and how a lot of people of African descent feel the need to steal the history of other people in order to feel-good about their racial identity. Which is why you see things like the Black Egyptian propaganda, the Hebrew...
  2. C

    ¿Did the Mayans Olmecs developed cityes before the Christian Era (BC)?

    Grettings, I readed onetime that Maya civilization started their preclassic growing few centuryes BC. Also, I saw in few maps references about mayans like "farming states" instead "tribal confederations". Besides, the Olmec civilization is situated among pre christian times(200 BC, I am not...
  3. Kahotep

    Ancient Egyptians meeting Olmecs

    National Novel Writing Month is coming up in a few weeks, and I've already thought up a neat concept for my entry this year. I'm going to write an alternate-history scenario about ancient Egyptians discovering the Americas and bumping into the Olmec civilization. Now my story is planned to be...
  4. davu

    Interesting this was said about the Olmecs

    fourth paragraph - line 4 -- dated ca. 1600 BC sixth paragraph - line 6 Olmecs Origins in Guatemala