1. M

    Operation Finale (2018) Ben Kingsley as Adolf Eichmann

    Has anyone watched Operation Finale (2018) , a film about capture of Eichmann in Argentina during 1960'ies ? Ben Kingsley is playing notorious Nazi war criminal fugitive himself. What are your reviews ...
  2. dlnewhouse

    Battle of Normandy, Operation Overlord

    According to the wikipedia, the countries participating were United States United Kingdom Canada Belgium Denmark France Norway Poland Australia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Allied_forces_in_the_Normandy_Campaign...
  3. M

    Operation Barbarossa: Stalin avoided war with Hitler

    Operation Barbarossa was the code name for the Axis invasion of the Soviet Union, which started on Sunday, 22 June 1941, during World War II. Read more: Operation Barbarossa: Stalin avoided war with Hitler - History of the world
  4. M

    Operation Chastise - Dambusters Raid on 16-17 May 1943

    Today is 75th Anniversary of Dambusters raid when 617th Squadron from RAF breached Mohne and Edersee dams in Ruhr valley using specially designed skipping bombs of British wartime genius Barnes Wallis during WWII . What do you think about this raid ? How effective was it ?
  5. jameen

    If Allied forces launched Operation Barbarossa

    How will describe the US, Canada, and UK (you may include France) if they will invade the Soviet Union from Poland? How will you describe the Allied offensive with the use of tanks, planes and soldiers? (In a scenario that no nukes will be used)
  6. R

    Detailed weather reports for operation Typhoon

    Do we have detailed weather reports for operation Typhoon? I recall claims that the temperature was as low as -40 degrees Celsius in early December, but that seems to be too low for the Moscow region for early December?
  7. artistauthor

    Operation Iraqi Freedom- 15 years on

    This month will see the 15th anniversary of "Operation Iraqi Freedom" in March 2003. Designed to topple Saddam Hussein and promote "regime change", it succeeded in doing the former but as for the latter, well the term of "the law of unintended consequences" seems to apply(as warned at the time...
  8. P

    Operation Barbarossa: Improved

    Scenario Some of you have read this thread by ruthenium, which speculates how operation Barbarossa could have been planned better. I don't agree with many of the proposals he made. In fact, most of those changes would actually harm the invasions chances of success. People reading that thread...
  9. W

    Could the Imperial Japanese Navy do an Operation Sea Lion and land troops on England?

    There is a cliche that Imperial Japan hands down was superior to the Kriegsmarine in technological, manpower (including number of ships) and war tactics and doctrine with the only thing the Germans being superior in was their U Boat (and even than Japanese subs were not too drastically inferior...
  10. LatinoEuropa

    Operation Green Sea

    Operation Green Sea - Invasion Guinea Conakry by Portugal. It is a real story that has been hidden from the Portuguese for many years. some say that they made the attack to destroy PAIGC weapons and also to release Portuguese soldiers who were prisoners in Guinea Conakry...
  11. Lazy Courier

    Operation Dynamo

    I saw Dunkirk last night. Incredible film. I wanted to know what Historum thought about it, general Dunkirk discussion thread. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. TIK

    Operation Battleaxe 1941 | WW2 Documentary

    lqGo57Drs24 This is the most detailed and accurate account of Operation Battleaxe in video form. In the video, we cover the tank battle, the combat at the Halfaya Pass (which the British start to call the "Hellfire Pass" thanks to this battle) the units of the Afrika Korps and the Desert Rats...
  13. Triceratops

    Operation Focus 5th June 1967

    Tensions in the Middle East during May 1967 saw the eviction of UN Peacekeepers from Sinai and the closure of the Straits of Tiran to Israeli bound shipping. With various Arab leaders publicly declaring that Israel be eliminated, the Israeli Government decided to launch a pre-emptive air strike...
  14. Triceratops

    Operation Turkenkreuz

    Today, the 25th May marks the centenary of the first attack by German Bomber Aircraft against targets in the UK. This first raid, directed against London, did not reach the capital due to weather, so the planes diverted to attack the port of Folkestone instead. The second raid on the 5th June...
  15. F

    About Operation Unthinkable

    Usually when people talk about Operation Unthinkable they agree that the soviets would have some good chances of taking all of Europe due to their superiority in land forces.My question is why do people accept the fact that the eastern european countries would not be hostile to the russians?.I...
  16. C

    Attila Operation's first moments.

    id1mTJN-iuk Attila Operation 1974
  17. Socrates of Athens

    Operation Sealion

    I have recently read a lot about Operation Sealion and correct me if I'm wrong but it seems like the Germans didn't have much of a chance of winning. The home fleet of the Royal Navy was more powerfull than the Kriegsmarine, the RAF had air supremacy and if the german had landed they would bave...
  18. M

    Alternative D Day - The Frisian Option (Operation Moniker)

    Here is a counterfactual proposition: would a D Day landing on the East Frisian Islands off Germany's coast have yielded a much swifter victory for the Allies? (Please note you are not being asked to believe that the Allies would ever have chosen this option...this is a thought experiment...
  19. J

    Operation AVALANCHE and Operation RAINCOAT

    hi everyone, For a school research project I am researching the influence of the First Special Service Force in WW2. I have just one question how much influence did Operation RAINCOAT have on Operation AVALANCHE and how much influence did Operation AVALANCHE have on the outcome of the war...
  20. P

    February 1944; ''Operation Jericho''

    ''Joshua fit (fought) the battlle of Jericho and the walls came tumbling down...'' So says the old Afro-American spiritual song based on the Old Testament Biblical account of demolishing the besieged city of Jericho's walls using the same principles of the destructive use of exaggerated ...