1. Frank81

    Syrian Civil War: military operations (the show must go on)

    I open this thread to discuss "normal" military operations in Syria, away of the great powers clashes in the area. The SAA conquered 1,200 km2 south of Hama and north of Homs, a long standing pocket finally subjected, that Rebels used to block easy transit between Latakia and Damascus. The...
  2. G

    What are other examples of controversial military operations such as the British atta

    (oops, the title didn't fit. Here it is: What are other examples of controversial military operations such as the British attack on Mers-el Kebir?) This is my first post, so sorry if I'm breaking any rules. This is what Churchill wrote about the British attack on Mers-el-Kébir: “This was the...
  3. Vigr1991

    Secret Operations of The Cold War

    So I'd like to discuss some secret operations of The Cold War as I don't know if they've been discussed yet. I don't know if any of you are familiar with Big Itch, Big Buzz, Operation Northwoods or the sovjet mind-control program so before I pose my questions let me link you towards a few...
  4. tomar

    Special Forces / Police operations in the past 20 years

    This is a thread regarding operations to free hostages or capture terrorists/ criminals carried out by military or police special units (meaning they have special equipment and training). Discuss tactics, effectiveness, equipment and other relevant matters
  5. J

    WW2: How would the RN and USN perform had their theater of operations been switch

    The RN did most of the heavy lifting against the Kriegsmarine while the USN vice versa against the Imperial Japanese Navy. How would each of the navies had perform had their roles been switch? The Royal Navy fighting the Imperial Japanese Navy (who had an excellent surface fleet) While the...
  6. S

    P-51 Mustang operations on aircraft carriers

    I share with you some photos showing P-51 Mustangs on aircraft carriers. There was a naval version of this plane? To see the photos, visit the link below: Aviação em Floripa: Um P-51 Mustang navalizado Stephan
  7. CathareHeretic

    German counterintelligence operations in occupied France

    After the fall of France in the summer of 1940 the country had to endure four long years of occupation under the German forces. During that period countless resistance groups were organized both by the French and by foreign powers. The agencies that organized resistance groups were the British...
  8. M

    Best WWII Strategist, best Operations commander and best Tactician

    Who is the best WWII Strategist(Planners and overall commanders) and Operation Commanders(commanding Army group(s)conducing operation strategy) and Best Tactician? (best field army commanders, small army group commanders) Again these positions can overlap. For example Mainstein was a good...
  9. M

    Best Special Operations Force

    Title This only encompasses in Special forces trained in conventional military tactics, guerilla warfare, direct action, recon and counter-terrorism. Civilian elite police like SWAT, GSG9, GIGN not included.
  10. M

    Shipboard operations in WWII

    I've been trying to find information about how the crew of battleships operated together during battles, what things had to get done, onboard logistics, really any information about what it was like on a battleship during battle and how it all worked together. Most of the information I find has...
  11. T

    False flag operations that are obscure yet important

    I know of one, the Lavon Affair, that had influence in Israeli foreign policy and was largely ignored by most but Egypt, I was curious if there are any other events of this or increased magnitude? I also know of the really famous examples like Gleiwitz, Mainila, Manchuria, Reichstag and Tonkin...
  12. Menshevik

    Oldest intelligence or operations that are still classified

    I'm sure there are still operations and missions from the early Afghanistan and Iraq wars that are still classified. What about operations in Somalia circa 1993? Bosnia? Are there still certain aspects of Vietnam that are classified or top secret? How about WWII? It doesn't necessarily have to...
  13. Y

    unofficial/unauthorized but successful military operations

    The first phase of the 1806-07 British invasions of the River Plate was initiated by Admiral Home Popham. It was not officially a British military operation and Popham had to first ask permission from his superiors in Cape Town, notably General David Baird (the mastermind of the...
  14. M

    CIA Special Activities Division, Special Operations Group-How elite

    Many people believe the Delta Force and DEVGRU(SEAL Team 6) are America's most elite force but CIA SAD/SOG are even more selective requiring extreme academic performance and tier 1 backgrounds from either Delta Force and SEALs(along with other SOCOM backgrounds.) How elite is this force military?
  15. A

    American submarine operations during the Vietnam War?

    Would anyone happen to have any information regarding the use of submarines during the Vietnam War? I have done some searching and found that they were mostly limited to special ops and surveillance. Perhaps I am mistaken and there is more to it but I found this story regarding the USS Sculpin...
  16. tomar

    Syria: military operations and casualties

    There is not that much information available on what is really going on on the battle ground that is Syria Casualty estimates vary according to sources but the ballpark seems to be roughly as follows: Total: about 100,000 Government forces and militia : about 40 000 Rebels: about 20,000 of...
  17. W

    Books on False Flag operations and history frauds

    Hi all, it's my first time posting in the forum. Been accompanying it for some time and would love to use it for knowing good books. I'm just a history enthusiast with portuguese and english understanding. So, as the title says, i'm looking for books in these subjects that have been of my...
  18. harbinger

    Principles of war for COIN operations

    The principles of war for conventional conflict are well known but what are the principles of war for counter insurgency ops. Writings of influential thinkers and adopted doctrnes of current armies- The traditional Principles of War work fine in a conflict between nations. It involves a clash...
  19. arras

    Future of US military operations

    Washington puts its money on proxy war by Nick Turse This is interesting article about US shifting its military efforts around globe from full conventional invasions of Bush era which failed in Iraq and Afghanistan to Cold War stile proxy wars. It also revives somehow tragicomic results of...
  20. LegioXIII

    The Composition and Operations of Armies

    This is something I've always wondered about. It is to my understanding that standing professional "state" armies were not quite as common as in the eras preceding it. This really started to baffle me as I finally shrugged off my procrastination and started to read up on the Wars of the Roses...