1. A

    Opposition to war lead to American Revolution

    It is easy to argue the democracy of the US has always used military action to extend and establish its power. However, that behavior comes from the old war and the American Revolution was fought to break from the old world. The following is a quote from Thomas Paine. His words helped unite...
  2. R

    Non-violent opposition to Cromwell's Commonwealth and Protectorate

    Most of the opposition to Oliver Cromwell's regime was of a non-violent nature. Although the Protector closed down theatres and exercised strict censorship over the English press, many dissenters secretly (sometimes even openly) published pamphlets, plays, essays and satirical literature of all...
  3. grey fox

    What the purpose of the existence of the States' Rights Opposition Party in AL 1860?

    I have been reading William Barney's book The Secessionist Impulse: Alabama and Mississippi in 1860, and it has sparked some questions in my mind. I believe that the States' Rights Opposition (S.R.O.) and the States' Rights Whigs are the same thing. To my knowledge, in 1860 the S.R.O. was a...
  4. W

    Leaders of the Belarusian Opposition Call on the Polish Sejm

    Belarusian participants appealed to the members of the Sejm and the Senate of Poland: "Now Belarus faces a complex situation. An unsuccessful economic policy of the Belarusian authorities over the past 22 years has led to an acute economic crisis. This crisis has provoked a wave of social...
  5. Kahu

    NZ Nuclear Arms Opposition - French Terrorism

    It is now 30 yrs since we suffered from an act of French Terrorism sanctioned from the highest French political level in a New Zealand Harbour. In 1985 New Zealand was basking in its position as leader of the anti-nuclear movement. As a country it had clearly punched above its weight. Then...
  6. Sharks And L0ve

    The Confederacy's opposition to states rights and examples of its opposition

    The idea that the Confederacy was partly about states rights is a widely held idea and is echoed by American textbooks, though this idea is not only unsupported by the the full breadth of the evidence, it is contradicted by the Confederacy's opposition to states rights. James W. Loewen...
  7. P

    Spanish Armada makes it to Flanders without opposition, and goes on with mission

    How would they fare? What happens next? Without any lost ships until after the departure from Flanders (with the troops stationed in Flanders now in tow), how does this showdown between England and Spain's 130+ ships play out?
  8. N

    Opposition politician calls out "Park Geun-hye followers"

    I'm living in South Korea and I'm betting that the South Korean president Park Geun-hye might be impeached next year. I hope my safety is secured. I don't want to live in a very socially insecure country like South Korea. :wacko:
  9. Grimald

    German Resistance to National Socialist Rule: Achievements and Shortcomings

    This thread is meant to deal with the achievements and shortcomings of the German resistance against National Socialist rule from 1933-1945. My hope is that we can discuss the issue at hand objectively, and not from a perspective blurred by national prejudice. Some questions we can discuss...
  10. A

    Ulster opposition to Irish home rule

    Was there something specific that the Ulster Irish were fearing that was the reason for their opposition to home rule, or was it just general fear that they would be mistreated by the Catholic majority? Also, what precisely did they mean by "Rome Rule," what did they think the Catholics would do?
  11. Knecht139

    Historian Martyrs Himself in Opposition to Homosexual "Marriage"

    Far-right French historian, 78-year-old Dominique Venner, commits suicide in Notre Dame in protest against gay marriage - Europe - World - The Independent Predictably, the liberal media have done everything within their power to cheapen his martyrdom and to slander the man for the "crime" of...
  12. Caracalla

    The Stoic Opposition

    I'm reading Hadrian: The Restless Emperor (Roman Imperial Biographies): Anthony R Birley, Anthony R. Birley: 9780415228121: Amazon.com: Books@@AMEPARAM@@http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51wG-GuXulL.@@AMEPARAM@@51wG-GuXulL at the moment. There is mention of senatorial faction called the...
  13. viking

    A Jewish opposition to Israel

    Please understand from the start that while this is a controversial topic, the last thing I want is for it to become confrontational. I listened to Ilan Pappe, a Jewish historian last night who presented a picture of Israel as a ruthless aggressor supported by America. He left Israel because his...
  14. mansamusa

    The Syrian opposition: who's doing the talking?

    Charlie Skelton recently wrote an interesting and comprehensive article on the Opposition voices in Syria: Just when you thought intelligent Journalism in the West was dead.
  15. M

    Opposition to slavery in ancient Greece

    There seems to have been a widespread movement opposed to slavery in ancient Greece. Plato et al fought against this movement. It seems unlikely that something so well established as slavery would have been opposed lightly. Is it known what caused this movement? And what group(s) they were...
  16. Salah

    Christian opposition to Christmas

    It is fairly common in America to hear evangelical Christians complain about the secularization of Christmas. They cry for America to 'put Christ back in Christmas', and express fierce disapproval of terms like 'Happy Holidays' and 'Xmas'. Of course, many do indeed use 'Happy Holidays' and...
  17. Thessalonian

    Syrian opposition hopes for coup as sanctions, protests grind on

    Syria opposition hopes for coup as sanctions, protests grind on - latimes.com The uprising is testing whether public anger over the collapsing economy and deadly crackdown will break the government before security forces break the nonviolent protest movement. Almost half a year into Syria's...
  18. Mohammed the Persian

    Bahrain Opposition Group Quits National Talks

    BBC News - Bahrain opposition bloc al-Wifaq to quit national talks Well this isn't good. Ah... Political deadlock is nothing new.:sad2: Still, ye can't blame 'em.
  19. Thessalonian

    Thailand opposition set for big poll win - exit polls

    "The party allied to ousted and exiled former leader Thaksin Shinawatra is set for a big victory in Thailand's general election, exit polls suggest. One poll suggested the opposition Pheu Thai party would win 313 seats, compared with 152 for the Democrats of PM Abhisit Vejjajiva...
  20. Salah

    Did any of the Great Conquerors face any worthy opposition?

    I am not a fanboy of the traditional "greats" - Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Napoleon - but it seems that a number of Historumites are. So I pose the question - do you think any of them ever faced a truly worthy adversary? Now I know very little about Napoleon, that is an...