1. R

    What if the US decided that a stalemate in the EasterN Front is a better option

    What if the US in WW2 decided that a stalemated Eastern Front with the Germans and Soviets locked in a long-term war of attrition and with the Germans not being strong enough to try to invade Britain again is a better outcome than a Communist dominated Central and Eastern Europe and so decided...
  2. NBSHistory

    Is Youtube a viable option for teaching History?

    Hi! I am a current student at a University in Canada working into entering graduate studies in History. Because I already do an enormous amount of research for the University and in my personal life I decided to try and make a History Youtube channel. I do this to try and promote history...
  3. Valens

    Trump threatens Venezuela with 'military option'

    THREAD CLOSED The rules of Historum do not permit discussion of contemporary politics which is defined as politics post 1991.
  4. M

    Alternative D Day - The Frisian Option (Operation Moniker)

    Here is a counterfactual proposition: would a D Day landing on the East Frisian Islands off Germany's coast have yielded a much swifter victory for the Allies? (Please note you are not being asked to believe that the Allies would ever have chosen this option...this is a thought experiment...
  5. Sam-Nary

    The Best German Option After the Fall of France...

    This has come up in a different thread, but would probably work better in its own thread or in a thread on a related subject... but I don't know if what I'm about to post would work completely with an old thread... so here is a new one... ++++++++++++++++++++++++ We know that the Battle of...
  6. VHS

    Option of voluntary exit tells between cults and normal religions?

    I posted a previous thread on leaving religions. Christianity has the largest number of former members, but former members often talk of harassments and pressures from their previous fellow believers. Islam has the toughest exit policy, which often means "once you are in, you cannot regret"...
  7. Pauke! Pauke!

    Operation Catapult: Britain's only option or a bloody betrayal?

    3 July 1940, Operation Catapult: Churchill orders the neutralization of the French Fleet following the French armistice with Nazi Germany. After negotiations to accept the British ultimatum failed with Admiral Gensoul at Mers el Kabir, Algeria, the French warships are fired upon by their allies...
  8. Menshevik

    The American Civil War: The Guerrilla Option

    I'm under the impression that at the end of the Civil War, the Confederacy pondered continuing the war via guerrilla warfare. Is this true? What would've been the outcome had they actually done so?
  9. infestør

    Was settling to an area other than the levant an option to the Jews?

    i understand that jews settled to today's lands called palestine/israel for they believed it was the promised land to them. didnt they consider an alternative? i mean, why not buy a land from an african country or some other region that is not this explosive. i'm sure they knew that their...
  10. jeroenrottgering

    World war I generals: Fools or no option?

    I am often wondering were generals during the first world war just incapable fools who had no idea how to lead an army or did the circumstances give them no other options. In 1914 the war was still quite dynamic and generals were still maneauvring, but after the allies had digged in before Paris...
  11. Arka

    Israel Samson option

    Hey there, Lately I have been reading about the Samson option. The tactic to launch nukes to practically everywhere Israel can. I ask of you, has Israel ever threatened to use this "option" in history? Did it not, what if it did? How would the world react?
  12. K

    Stalin's second option during WWII

    A Polish-American friend sent me a message (in Polish) containing an interesting speculation (see my summary below). Is there any evidence that Stalin was indeed considering the described option? Thank you in advance. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =...