1. Sobo

    Turkey runs amok now...claims Germany ordered bomb attack in Istanbul...

    Erdogan finally loses it. State media publish the recent bombing in Istanbul with 11 dead was ordered by germany...because germany couldn´t take the harsh rections from turkey regarding the armenian genocide. :D If this joke isn´t enough Erdogan also told today he plans sanctions against...
  2. Valens

    UK investigation says Putin 'probably' ordered the murder of Litvinenko

    Russia's Putin probably approved London murder of ex-KGB agent Litvinenko: UK inquiry | Reuters Given that the West and Russia are currently experiencing a major cooling down of their relations, such reports could serve to further erode them. Could this be true, or is it another politically...
  3. V

    Destruction of Persepolis ordered by a woman?

    As for Persepolis, the capital of the Persian kingdom, Alexander described it to the Macedonians as their worst enemy among the cities of Asia, and he gave it over to the soldiers to plunder, with the exception of the royal palace...
  4. J

    On what day were the Japanese troops ordered to surrender in WW2?

    I know the formal surrender ceremony was held on 2 September, and the Emperor made the announcement of surrender to the Japanese public on 15 August. However, when were the soldiers first informed that they had to stop fighting? Was it the same day as the public announcement, or was it 14...
  5. F

    Why Hitler ordered total economic and industrial mobilitazion only in 1944?

    During the early years of war Germany was in a limited economic mobilization, producing less of its potential. And the total mobilitazion was ordered only in 1944 when Germany had already lost the war. Why?
  6. Y

    Compensation ordered for the victims of the invasion of Cyprus in 1974

    On Monday, May 12, the Republic of Turkey is ordered by the European Court of Human Rights to compensate the Republic of Cyprus with EUR 90,000,000 for human right abuses during and after the invasion of the island in 1974 and onwards. This concerns the following categories of citizens of the...
  7. kbear

    jews ordered to register in east ukraine

    Leaflet tells Jews to register in East Ukraine Jews emerging from a synagogue say they were handed leaflets that ordered the city's Jews to provide a list of property they own and pay a registration fee "or else have their citizenship revoked, face deportation and see their assets...
  8. M

    Why Tiberius ordered a withdraw from Germania

    Why did Tiberius order Germanicus a withdraw from Germania? Was the Teutborug battle that Varus faced in the Augustan times to devastating on the Legions? Was Tiberius jealous of Germanicus because Tiberius previously conquered Germania until the Illyrian revolt and Varus took command? Or he...
  9. diddyriddick

    Report: Hitler ordered his Jewish World War I commander protected

    "Adolf Hitler personally intervened to protect a Jewish man who had been his commanding officer during World War I, according to a letter unearthed by the Jewish Voice from Germany newspaper." Report: Hitler ordered his Jewish World War I commander protected - World News
  10. diddyriddick

    Russia admits Stalin ordered Katyn massacre of Poles

    Not sure if y'all have seen this one.... My question is....Is this more in the general trend toward distancing themselves from Stalin, or a genuine acknowlegment of their history. http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20101126/wl_afp/russiapolandwwiimassacre
  11. Fluffybunny

    Official: KGB chief ordered Hitler's remains destroyed