1. Millennium 7

    The Origin of Regiments

    Hi all. Some time ago I made a video about the Origin of Regiments as a type of unit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzL2tG1Ez5w&t=4s It is very "compact" and aimed to the genera public, but you might still enjoy it. Please feel free to leave some comments on YouTube, I am sure that you can...
  2. Tammuz

    The Origin and Psychology of Courtly Love

    The idea to love a person from afar was the basic idea of the medieval courtly love poetry (or Minne poetry) which was created in the 12th century by French knights. Their theme was the poetic expression of love and loyalty to a socially superior woman (e.g. the feudal lord's wife), which -...
  3. Dose

    What is the origin of using celebrities to advertise products?

    Was this a phenomenon that began with the advent of filmmaking, or would, say, theater stars or athletes in ancient times have been used to promote goods?
  4. A

    Origin of these pommels ?

    I see this one in middle eastern swords what is its supreme origin ? Among Ottoman sultans Mehmet II's sword for instance has this kind of pommel: But the later sultans' pommels were like the one I shared on top. So from where did they adapt this type of pommel ? This image I found is very...
  5. Tammuz

    The Prehistoric Origin of Religion

    That´s true, of course, however the state of evidence for the prehistoric periods is quite disputed among historical scholars, so that prehistoric religion is a matter that ought to be dealt with separately - what is done with this thread. First a quote from a still not completed study of mine...
  6. C

    Origin of Robin Hood's merry men

    Robin Hood was said to have had 143 merry men with him, and they were all dressed in Lincoln green. Even if Robin himself was based on a real person, what about the small army of outlaws at his command? Here's an idea. Though it's not 100% certain, there's good evidence that earliest stories...
  7. L

    Videos on Slavic Origins and Early History

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  8. A

    Origin of Turban Helmet

    This is turban helmet. I think it was first used by Seljuk Turks(not sure maybe Turkic beyligs after them) and its offshots. Also early Ottomans. I wonder where this bulbous shape originate from(which helmet). My guess is the Kipchak Turks as they were pretty influential in the area. From what...
  9. Tammuz

    The Origin and Development of Monotheism

    The first in the series of monotheistic prophets is Zarathustra, the founder of Iranian Zoroastrianism/Mazdaism. This figure is most likely historical, though only vaguely datable, presumably around 600 BCE. Zarathustra is the first to refer to a "revelation". One has to know that in the Vedic...
  10. K

    origin of roman gentes

    such as Domitia (gens), Aelia (gens) vs
  11. K

    ethnic origin of Thuringian people

    what do you know about Thuringian people?
  12. jameen

    Origin of the country's name CHINA

    When is the time that China was called as a country's name? As far as I know, during China's Imperial era, the name of the country is the name of the dynasty that presently rules it (Han, Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming or Qing) The question here is who invented the word China and later it becomes...
  13. K

    Ethnic origin of Lucius Junius Brutus

    Lucius Junius Brutus is founder of roman republic.
  14. H

    buddhist architecture origin of many Islamic/western elements?

    1) Buddhist Arch 1st CE Gothis arch 2) Ashokan pillar imitation minarrets/ four minarets? blue mosque 3) Squinch support, afghanistan
  15. Z

    Origin of rigid caste system in india.

    When did the caste system in india became rigid?? According to genetics the date is given to be around the time guptas were at peak Caste system has left imprints on genes: study - The Hindu while many historians believe that even by 14th century the caste system was somewhat fluid...
  16. S

    Origin of Location of Vaishnavism

    Chank usually found in tropical zones and tropical zones of india shown in map so Vaishnavism evolved in Southern India
  17. H

    what is the origin of Kashmiri Muslims ?

    Some people of kashmir origin claim that we are descendants of Ancient Persian Aryans who migrated to kashmir to spread Islam in the valley. While scholars claim that majority of kashmiris in fact are of Dardic Stock with considerable ammount of Persian and Afghan mixture. As a kashmiri living...
  18. H

    why some Rajput and Brahmin tribes Have similar origin ?

    Tribes like Dixit, Gautam, Kaushik, Atri, Vishwamitra, Gaur etc have both Brahmin and rajput as their members, which is strange as both ethnicities have different Social customs despite having origin from same stock.
  19. AfghanistanBactriaAriana

    Kushan Origin of the Kabul Shahan

    Source: Peshawar Historic City of the Frontier by Ahmad Hasan Dani
  20. D

    Question about the origin of the Romanians

    Hi everybody! I'm interested for this topic, and I read a lot of about this, but I still don't understand a few things. Can you explain? Romanians prefer the daco-roman theory, and their two main reason for this theory are: 1. Romanian is a latin language 2. Gesta Hungarorum mention vlachs in...