1. Dreamhunter

    Did the Franks originate from nowrthwestern Europe, or eastern (Eurasian) Europe?

    Most western history-related sites favour a Danish or thereabouts ultimate origin for the Franks. But the interesting thing is that the Persian rendition for Frank is Farangi, and even more intriguing, there is a Turanian princess named Farangis in Uzbek ancient legend. She was daughter of...
  2. S

    How did the Spartan Assembly originate?

    I can't seem to find the answer by searching historum or the internet, although maybe I'm not searching correctly. I'm curious as to the motivation for creating the Spartan Assembly. After all, power is rarely given up, willingly, to the populace. Thanks for any guidance.
  3. W

    Where did Han in Manchuria originate from?

    After the Qing opened up Manchuria to Han settlers, what regions/provinces did those people come from? Did the Qing only select Han settlers from a few places, or did they take people from all over the empire? Was the origin of settlers different between different periods of immigration? Just...
  4. R

    Where did the Swatstika first originate?

    Before it turned into a Nazi symbol, I have heard that the swastika originated in India used in Hinduism and Buddhism, but I have heard the swastika predates Hinduism and was used in various European cultures which date back to the neolithic and bronze age times and it is even seen in early Near...
  5. T

    Where did the Hurrians first originate from?

    I've been looking more and more at ancient history, but I've got a question. Where did the hurrian peoples first originate from? I know that they would settle into Anatolia and other areas of the Near East, but where did they come from?
  6. Boudicca

    Where did the Slavic People originate?

    Did they start out as just a few tribes in one area and then branch out?
  7. M

    Gothic cavalry-Did Medieval Knight tactics originate from them?

    Title: (note: I am well aware horses don't collide into solid objects, I am just talking about lance tactics) Did the Knight tactics used by the Franks and later by Europe originate from the Goths and their Sarmatian allies? Or were they simply invented by the Franks? Although Goths were...
  8. bartieboy

    Where did the Jews originate?

    So the first time I hear about the jews in history is in the stories about Moses. But where did those Jews come from? Were they normal Egyptians who just turned to Jewish faith? And when was the first mention of Jews in history?
  9. Darth Roach

    Where does money originate?

    Which was the first society to replace exchange in kind with some sort of representation of value?
  10. TruthSeeker1

    Did Oriental people originate from Mesopotamia?

    Surely the Chinese civilization had origins somewhere in the Middle East/Mesopotomia? I mean such a people like this in world history..?
  11. Brisieis

    Where did the Modern Day Serbian People Originate?

    Where did the modern day Serbian people originate from? Having a small connection with this country I am very interested.
  12. Thessalonian

    Celtic cross: Does it originate in Ireland?

    it is a popular legend that the Celtic Catholic cross was introduced by Saint Patrick or possibly Saint Declan during his time converting the pagan Irish... Is it true?
  13. Anna James

    Do the Afroa-Asiatic Languages /the Semitic Branch iIncluded/ Originate In Ethiopia?

    I got into this dispute on this thread http://www.historum.com/general-history/25992-3-great-civilizations-13.html My case is that the Afroasiatic languages are with yet undetermined point of origin but that the Semitic branch originated in Mesopotamia, with Akkadian an/or Aramaic as the origin...
  14. jeroenrottgering

    How do borders originate?

    A few weeks ago my father asked me an intriguing question. He asked me: How do borders actually actually originate. He hoped I had the answer since my nose is in the history books most times :p. First my answer was swift and simpel. I said well King and Presidents draw the line after conquests...
  15. Jhangora

    Where did Phoenicians Originate

    Found an inetresting essay - originally published in 1902. The Rig Veda, A History Showing how the Phoenicians had their earliest home in India. So what's your view. Where did Phoenicians originate?
  16. Jhangora

    Where and When did Indo-European Languages Originate

    Indo-European Language Family has the highest number of speakers in the world today. There are various views regarding where the Proto Indo-European speakers lived, what they looked like, which genetic markers should be associated with them, what is the relationship of Indo-European Languages...
  17. Salah

    When and where did the Star of David Originate?

    When - and by whom - was the Star of David first used? And why is it associated with Israel, and specifically David? The Star was used in Islamic heraldry during the Middle Ages, and a backwards version of it is used as an occult symbol. I've read that the Khazars - Turks who had...
  18. laketahoejwb

    The Etruscan’s are the founding Romans. Where did they originate?

    The Etruscan’s 1. The origins of the Etruscans, with their own non-Indo-European language, have been debated by archaeologists, geneticists and linguists for centuries. Writing in the 5th century BC, the Ancient Greek historian Herodotus claimed that the Etruscans had arrived in Italy from...