1. J

    East Asian origins: A theory

    The story starts in pre-Bantu Africa, where we have a certain group of ancient pre-Bantu African technologists. As the Bantu were expanding out of the central African jungles, the pre-Bantu Africans (East Asians) gradually gave way and started migrating out of the continent via sailing ship. At...
  2. L

    Videos on Slavic Origins and Early History

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  3. A

    Origin of Turban Helmet

    This is turban helmet. I think it was first used by Seljuk Turks(not sure maybe Turkic beyligs after them) and its offshots. Also early Ottomans. I wonder where this bulbous shape originate from(which helmet). My guess is the Kipchak Turks as they were pretty influential in the area. From what...
  4. Naima

    Assassin Creed ORigins reconstructions

    In the game Assassin Creed Origins, we see a lot of reconstruction of ancient Egyptian monuments, , what level of reliability do those reconstructions have? for the ones that tried the game of course.
  5. Draki

    Origins of Muslims in Rascia/Sandžak

    Rascia (or Sandžak) is the southwestern region of Serbia and the northern region of Montenegro with a predominantly Muslim Bosniak population, especially in the municipalities of Novi Pazar, Sjenica and Prijepolje These people speak Serbian/Bosniak/Serbo-Croatian and they identify mostly with...
  6. wigglywaffles

    Origins of the mitheras cult

    So does anyone know how did the mitheras cult that was popluar in the early Roman Empire came to be? What did the mitheras in this cult have to do with the one mentioned in info Iranian myth? Also does anyone know anything about it s decline? Because even though several Roman emperors tried...
  7. Quill And Ink History

    The Origins of the Knights Templars(Quick overview).

    Recently made an educational video of the Knights Templar Order with a main focus on the Knights Templars rise to prominence in Europe during the high middle ages. It covers several historical aspects of the order including... The orders founding by Hugh of Payens and Gottfried of Saint-Omer...
  8. N

    Vai syllabery is from 3000 BC ???

    Hello, here is what Wikipedia has to say about Vai origins : But... this is what our "Afrocentric" brothers had to say : So then I tried to do some research, to know what is the evidence. I made multiple searches and then I find this Dr. Clyde Winters blog : He claims that Vai is 3000...
  9. I

    The origins of pentagram

    We all know about pentagram symbol nowadays, but it's origins come from Norway! Vikings were pagans for England, and France. There is a slight connection with turning the pentagram to satan symbol. The pentagram history
  10. S

    Origins of the Bengali People?

    Hello everyone! I wanted to know from experts here of what they know about the "Bengali People"? There are around 300 Million Bengali people around the world today. Mostly residing in Bangladesh/ Eastern & North Eastern India. Unfortunately I have found very few information about the origins...
  11. notgivenaway

    Placename origins

    Placenames are often named after geographical features, or people who were instrumental in its founding. So in the UK, Hertford and Hereford are based on rivers, so at one time must have been fording places for animals, traders, troops, etc. But then Hereford means "army ford" in Old English...
  12. 1

    origins of Agnikula rajputs.

    Agnikulas claim origins from firepit and Agni deva, most of these clans have origins in Southern Rajasthan Abu region where hunas,sakas,greeks, kushans and many other tribes ruled for centuries. they also share their clan names with Jats, Gujjars and other martial Castes such as Chauhan and...
  13. A

    On the Cultural Origins of South Carolina

    Anyone who's seen me post for a bit on this forum knows of my fascination with books that highlight the cultural divisions in this country (USA) resulting from the settlement patterns of the original colonial clusters on the Atlantic seaboard in North America. Two of these books are Colin...
  14. TomarRajput

    Origins of the Khas people (Nepal)

    Earliest reference we have to the "Khas" in the context of Nepal is the Khasa Malla Kingdom which emerged during the 10th century in Western Nepal. Some have connected them to the "Khasa" tribe who were mentioned in the Mahabharata however aside from a similar name, there is little else to...
  15. Alto

    Indo Aryan Origins

    I recently read a lot of books concerning the origins of the Indo Aryans and stumbled upon an interesting hypothesis by Verma that Indo Aryans likely came from lands very close to India and migrated in all directions, consisting of the Dorian population in Greece, the Assyrians, the Dynasties of...
  16. B

    Sayings with historical origins

    10 Common Sayings With Historical Origins - History Lists Also, "sold down the river", referred to selling slaves to the harsh deep south plantations were slave prices were higher. "Beyond the pale" is outside the area of direct English control in medieval times. Much of the rest was...
  17. Rex Hiemis

    Origins of Byzantine blinding

    What are the origins of Byzantine blinding (with hot irons)? Did the Byzantines create it as a political mutilation or did it exist before Byzantines? (Sassanid maybe?)
  18. LatinoEuropa

    Origins of the Portuguese people

    Origins of the Portuguese people. So as not to raise doubts I researched hard, about the origins of the Portuguese people, basically boils down to this ... The Portuguese are a population of Southern Europe. Its ethnic origin is essentially a mixture of CELTAS and IBERAS tribes (called...
  19. P

    What are the origins of Neese surname and family?

    Is Neese an Irish or a German surname? If it is German, is it derived from the town of Nysa (Neisse) in Lower Silesia?
  20. JoanOfArc007

    Friday the 13th: History, Origins, Myths and Superstitions of the Unlucky Day

    Considering its Friday the 13th , History and Origins of Friday the 13th The origin of fears surrounding Friday the 13th is unclear. There is reportedly no written evidence of Friday the 13th superstition before the 19th century, but superstitions surrounding the number 13 date back to at...