1. Y

    Pagan Societies were barbaric because Christian values were not around.

    A history check will show what societies were like before Christianity: Roman society entertainment of gladiators and people being fed to wild beasts for example. All societies before the Christianity you will find very inhumane and barbaric lifestyles. These societies did not have Christian...
  2. Y

    STOP saying the bible promotes slavery!!

    Church teaching does not practice or promote slavery, it liberates slavery by teaching a slave is no less of a person and no less value than a slave master, this was never heard of before christianity. Our Lord Jesus took on the form of a slave through poverty...
  3. JaddHaidar

    Favorite pagan deity

    I'm guessing we had this discussion before on the forum... but why not have it again? For me.. it's Allat. Arabian goddess of love and fertility, and of war and combat (as seen in this statue, wearing a helmet, carrying a shield and wielding a now-lost spear), who was also occasionally...
  4. El Cid

    The primitive Pagan barbarians and Christianization: a detour?

    I wonder whether there was a detour for the primitive Pagan barbarians to reach the higher civilization of the Christians without converting into Christianity as they usually did? Already in the Roman Empire it was obvious that areas in the coastal of eastern Mediterranean Sea were the...
  5. F

    Christian influence upon Pagan Europe.

    How much did Christian beliefs influence the Pagan or 'pre Christian Europe. What I know a Little about ( not at All as "Expert")is the "Nordic"mythology. I get the idea it May have been heavily influence by some "crypto Christian"or even just Christian thinking. That ot wa not at all that...
  6. Z

    Morally who was wrong in conflict between muhammad and pagan meccans.

    This question came to my mind when i was discussing charlie hebdo's murder,my muslim friend said that it was right to kill him as he insulted islam and their god and was doing so purposely just to incite muslims. I asked him whether or not meccans were right to persecute muhammad as muhammad was...
  7. M

    Why were Christian Germans separated by Pagan Germans?

    Ok so this is something that I don't quite understand, maybe because I don't quite understand the first part.. But basically one understanding I have is that the Teutonic Knights, a Christian German military order, was mostly present on the east and northern coasts of Germany and really in many...
  8. David Vagamundo

    New thinking on Christian treatment of pagan temples

    Interesting article. What do you all think?
  9. R

    The last pagan philosopher

    In your opinion, who might be considered to be the last pagan philosopher? One of the last might have been Hypatia of Alexandria (died 415 A.D.), but there were also Damascius (died after 538 A.D) and Simplicius (died ca. 560 A.D.)...
  10. Y

    Why did the names of the days remain pagan? And in the Latin countries they remained named after the Roman gods. I'm curious why the Christian church let such a thing stand, since they usually destroyed destroyed everything pagan. They had like a thousand years to change it...
  11. Lawnmowerman

    Did Rolo die a pagan

    As part of his deal with the King of the Franks for the Duchy of Normandy Rolo had to convert to Christianity. Like many pagans he never fully converted and simply paid lip service to Christianity. Rumors are told that as his death approached he went mad and ordered all Christian prisoners in...
  12. Moros

    Pagan successors of Julian

    The Emperor Julian was a pagan - popularly called the last pagan Emperor. Were any of his successors, or later usurpers/rival claimants, pagans also? Julian was rumoured to have appointed Procopius his successor. Was Procopius a pagan? Were Sebastianus and Jovinus Christian?
  13. C

    Was Allectus a pagan?

    Or was he a Christian? I would have assumed he was a pagan given the time period, though his immediate predecessor, Carausius, had a Chri-Rho symbol on his tombstone, which is why I'm unsure. Does anyone else know for sure either way?
  14. K

    Iconology in Early Christianity: Pagan Influence?

    My father came out with a theory that the reason icons came into christianity was because the christians were originally pagan, and with numerical superiority, they controlled the church, and inserted iconic culture into this newfound religion. He asserted that Peter and Paul would not allow...
  15. B

    Were the witchcraft prosecutions related to protestant attacks on pagan practices?

    Witchcraft prosecutions rose after the Reformation. There were protestant criticisms of pagan elements incorporated in Christianity. Was the persecution of "witches" a related attack on remaining pagan practices?
  16. A

    Was Christianity Based on Pagan Myth?

    In the Ancient History Forum, I've been posting a lot on the subject "Other popular Eastern/non Roman cults in the Roman Empire" concerning non-Christian popular foreign cults/sects that werer popular in the Roman Empire, and whether or not any of them could have taken the place of Christianity...
  17. Boudicca

    Women in Pagan Cultures

    I was wondering If women in Pagan cultures had more freedom? I watched The Last Kingdom and am now watching Vikings. It seems that the Pagan women were able to fight, etc. Now I know that shows take a lot of liberties and change history. But, from the small amount I've read about it. it does...
  18. S

    Homosexuality among pagan germanics

    Is there any info on how homosexuality was perceived by the early pagan germanics, who were not yet christianized? Was it common? Was it forbidden? Were they neutral about it? Any info in regards to Roman culture?
  19. Aham Brahmasmi

    Allah is a Pagan Moon God theory

    so I found this theory just few hours ago and honestly I am confused, what are your views ?
  20. David Vagamundo

    Pagan Basilica under Rome goes on view

    This is reason to go back to Rome: Secret pagan basilica in Rome emerges from the shadows after 2,000 years - Telegraph Of course, this is not the only pagan underground site around Rome--there is a Mithraeum under Basilica San Clemente and there are probably others, but this looks like...