1. I

    Astonished about this painting (not graphic)

    The following painting belongs to the First Carlist War (1833-1840) in Spain. To see it in detail I will post the link of wikipedia: "Calderote" (First Carlist War) by Ferrer Dalmau...
  2. C

    Faustian glass painting vs Apollonian marble carving

    An early 20th century German philosopher, who went by the name of Oswald Spengler (and who was mentioned before on this forum), thought he could 'figure out the soul' of a given people partly by analyzing their artwork. Before further going on, it is important to distinguish the concept of...
  3. P

    Trying to pinpoint a location on a painting

    Hey all. Just signed up with you guys. Looks like a wealth of info. I'm wondering if you can help - I hope this is the right sub forum, I'm sure the Mods will move it if needed :- ) I've got an old painting that's been laying in the loft for some many years. It's nothing valuable, but we are...
  4. F

    Help with finding a painting's name

    Some time ago i saw a modern painting of a man filled with green spots all over his face and the background which seemed to distort the actual painting and make it uglier but i then found out that the spots were symbols for how the state intrudes in people's lives so much under communist...
  5. F

    Recent Da Vinci Painting Tells Of WW III

    I just posted this topic about this painting that recently sold for a record amount, and how this painting by Da Vinci is a warning of the coming Allah and WW III. I posted it under Current Events. But, folks, we ARE about 30 days or less from this war. We're already in it.....but it's about...
  6. F

    The Da Vinci Painting Warning of Soon-to-be-War

    As a watchman, it's my job to tell you of these things that are taking place during these times. The sale/auction two days ago of The Saviour of the World, by Leonardo Da Vinci, was not an auction that happened for nought. In fact, this auction was planned exactly for THIS TIME. No, the Elite...
  7. Josefa

    Question for Napoleon experts - identifying people in a painting

    I hope somebody can help me with this. It's about this painting: (Tardieu: Napoléon reçoit la reine de Prusse à Tilsit) I can identify Napoleon and Luise, of course. I assume the person next to Napoleon is the other emperror, i.e. Alexander. I'll also make a wild guess and assume the...
  8. bsbray

    Need help identifying man in historical painting

    I found this portrait in a second hand story for 50 cents, and it looked interesting, but I have no idea who it is. What do you guys know about it?
  9. A

    E. B. Leighton painting

    Hey everyone. I have this upstairs in my house. My wife's grandfather bought this. I just want to know a little about it. What does this cost and when did it get made?
  10. R

    Italian and Low Country painting

    In your opinion, what was the extent of Italian artistic influence on the painting of Flanders and the Netherlands? Conversely, what was the stylistic heritage which the Low Countries passed on to Italy? There was a so-called International Style, richly refined and aristocratic, in late...
  11. U

    Which army uniform is it?

    Hello. Can you help me identify which army uniform this is? (see the attached photo of a painting). My current best guess is that it is a french cavalry uniform from the early 1800 - maybe a Napoleonic hussar uniform. However, the colors and other details of the uniform does not seem to be...
  12. augustus123

    Favorite Statues from the Past

    Ancient Roman : Marble statue of Augustus Caesar. Bernini : Apollo and Daphne - marble sculpture Michelangelo: David - marble sculpture Michelangelo: Rondanini Pietà - marble sculpture Giuseppe Sanmartino: Veiled Christ - marble sculpture Myron: Discobolus of Myron - marble sculpture...
  13. The Keen Edge

    Favorite Painting from the Past

    Hi all, Do you guys have a favorite painting from the past? If so, why not share :) I'm mostly asking about stuff before 1800, but if you have a post-1800 painting that you need to show go ahead. Also don't worry about limiting it to one painting. As you will see, I myself can't only...
  14. S

    Old US Army Soldier Painting - 1880s Western? Buffalo Soldier?

    I found this at an estate sale, the artist is Max Logsdon.......I have been searching Google looking at Rough Riders, Buffalo Soldiers, etc, etc......anybody have any better ideas?.......To me it's an iconic image, depicting how hard life was for these soldiers!!...... Is it just me or does his...
  15. S

    Does anyone know anything about this painting?

    I realize there's not really anything to go on except the image itself, but does anyone recognize the style, have any ideas about where this image comes from, or know anything about possible symbolism? Thanks in advance for your input! Close-up: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet...
  16. OccamsRazor

    Battle of Gravelotte-St.Privat painting question

    I was recently reading about this defining battle of the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. I noticed this painting by Alphonse de Neuville, showing the Prussian attack on the graveyard at St. Privat. It's very dynamic, detailed and dramatic. But.... can anyone explain what the wounded French...
  17. S

    Help! Who is this?

    Any information on who or what era would help! thanks again
  18. S

    Painting WW2 motifs

    PzIV H, oil on canvas Hello, My name is Rickard Ljungkvist and I am a classically trained artist who, among other things, paint historic motifs. I now take commissions and they are usually painted live at Twitch. Please comment and share your thoughts on this. For more info please visit...
  19. November7Rose

    Late 18th century/Early 19th century mystery painting

    Hello! So, here's the case, I came across this portrait which is probably from late 18th to early 19th century, but I cannot identify neither the depicted man nor the painter. Any idea who the painter or the man in the portrait might be? I know the photo is a little blur, but it's the only one...
  20. T

    Kalamukha painting or scultpure iconography?

    anyone have / aware of paintings or sculptures of kalamukha with iconography? the name is from "black mark on the face " what would that be ? My assumption if not otherwise would be a darker ash tripundhra?