1. A

    Pakistan elections

    Can any of our colleagues in the subcontinent shed any light on what is going on this year? Imran Khan's political career has seemingly progressed since the last time i read about it, where it seemed he might be on the sidelines forever. what has he done to make himself/his party more...
  2. Futurist

    After the partition of India, did India hope that Pakistan would rejoin it?

    I'm curious about this--after the partition of India, did Indian politicians and the Indian population hope that Pakistan would eventually rejoin it? Or did they already think that the partition of India was going to be permanent? Does anyone here have any information in regards to this? Also...
  3. Z

    What is taught in pakistan about indian history.

    Whenever it comes to history,pakistanis i have interacted with online have this weird idea that muslims ruled india for 800-1000 years. Where does this idea come from?what is taught in pakistan about indian history.
  4. I

    Is Pakistan The REAL India?

    Written by me here...I look forward to your comments. When we refer to India today, are we also referring to the historic concept of India that ancient...
  5. B

    Anti-Ahmadiyya riots 1953 and 1974

    Hello, I have recently learnt about these riots and the Ahmadi sect, which are fairly unknown in the western world and have a few questions: How big was the Ahmadiyya movement in Pakistan after independence? This may seem a strange question, but how did rioters know who was an Ahmadi, are they...
  6. rvsakhadeo

    Pakistan rapped on the knuckles

    On the new year's day 2018, President Trump of the USA told off Pakistan in a tweet that echoed round the world ! In the plainest language one has heard from a USA President in recent times, Pakistan Govt. was told that they lied to and deceived the USA, in spite of receiving 33 billion U.S...
  7. S

    4000 years a slave - Pakistan?

    Since fall of Indus Valley civilization in 1900 BC, Pakistan has been overrun by foreigners starting with Aryans, followed by a host of other invaders. It seems that Northern India was only peripherally affected by invasions from Kushans, Greeks, Turks, Arabs etc while Southern India was...
  8. C

    Brahmins of Pakistan and Afghanistan

    Namaskar, why i was reading a book on Islamization of Afghanistan and Pakistan i started wondering about Brahmins who used to dwell in those lands. i know that there were some Brahmin kings in Kabul and Hindu temples in Eastern Afghanistan so i know that there was a sizable Brahmin community...
  9. Bullit

    Gandhara Region - Central/South Asian pivot?

    Between modern day capital of Pakistan, Islamabad which itself is adjacent to the historic Taxila moving west over the Indus river to Peshawar facing the fabled Khyber Pass and on to Kabul in Afghanistan is the region known in past as Gandhara. Gandhara is meeting the point where influences...
  10. Bullit

    Pakistan's Hidden Shame.

    Ugly side to Pakistan's society. Exposes the facile nature of religion and mullahs in Pakistan. Adult content. niN5g8ZxFQg
  11. V

    Mir and Ghalib known/taught in Pakistan?

    Mir Taqi Mir and Mirza Ghalib were great Urdu poets. Since after English( which is global language) Urdu is most pervasive language in Pakistan, question do students there read works of these poets of old times?
  12. rvsakhadeo

    Pakistan sentences alleged Indian spy to death

    It has been reported in the press that the Field General Court Martial of the Pakistan Army has tried and sentenced to death Kulbhushan Sudheer Jadhav, an ex-Indian Navy personnel for spying against Pakistan. Jadhav was arrested in March 2016 in Baluchistan province of Pakistan. He was denied...
  13. Futuristic

    Why did Pakistan expel Sikhs (and not only hindus) in 1947?

    There was enormous violence and tensions between muslim and hindu communities in the British Raj months ahead of the independence (1947), hundreds of thousands died, tens of millions moved their residence, but what I find incredibly enlightning is that not only hindus had to leave West and East...
  14. P

    why Indian Muslims Migrated to Pakistan in 1947 ?

    it was their duty to fight for their own Muslim Motherland in their Provinces (UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharastra) why did they Migrated to Pakistan in Large Numbers ?
  15. R

    From Pakistan

    Hey guys, I am from Pakistan and a student of Journalism and Politics (Last year Bachelors). I know you guys prolly think of my country as some terrorist creating hub, but I assure you thats complete Indian propaganda. Jk. Hoping to know you all xoxo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. P

    Greater Pakistan (Real Pakistan)

    Pakistan is a heir of 9000 year old IVC civilization, Pakistan as Indus Valley is different from other Regions of India both Racially and Culturally. it's worth Mentioning that Pakistan got Maimed by British and Gandhi alliance in 1946/47. only Muslim Majority Districts were Divided based on...
  17. W

    Pakistan vs India who would win in 2016!!!

    Things between india and pakistan are heating up my question is who would win in a full blown war between these nations?
  18. Aham Brahmasmi

    Large Hindu Minority in Pakistan and north India.

    According to this map, both Sindh and Punjab had large Hindu minority from 25% to 5% in 1910 even after continuous islamic rule since Arab Conquest. can somebody tell me why both regions had large hindu population even after moretn 1500 years of Islamic rule ? and why Muslims were over 75%...
  19. P

    Where there ever any Greek settelers in Pakistan???

    also, how Greek's conquests influenced Pakistan ? before trolls Destroy this thread i am going to post few Pictures. Pakistan = Egypt Indus = Nile now, greek Kingdoms of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  20. Shaheen

    Archaeologists discover layers of Indo-Greek city in Swat

    MINGORA: Archaeologists in their fresh excavations here at Bazira, Barikot, have discovered large layers of the Indo-Greek city with weapons and coins as well as important pottery forms imported from Greek Bactria and from the Mediterranean area in second century BCE. Indo-Greek coins...