1. JoanOfArc007

    Before the advent of Zionism and Arab nationalism, Jews and Palestinians lived in pea

    I felt this article offered an interesting insight into the history of Israel/Palestine...I perhaps disagree with some of the points but found it to be a worthy read, Before the advent of Zionism and Arab nationalism, Jews and Palestinians lived in peace in the holy land. .... As the Ottoman...
  2. Futurist

    Netanyahu Mulls Revoking Residency of Palestinians Beyond East Jerusalem Barrier

    Here you go: Netanyahu Mulls Revoking Residency of Palestinians Beyond E. Jerusalem Separation Barrier - Israel News - Israel News - Haaretz Israeli News Source
  3. Son Of RA

    Where do Black Palestinians truly descend from?

    I've always wondered this. One can bring up the Ottoman slave trade, but I kinda doubt it because didn't really last long and there wasn't really a large import, but more importantly in one of the two...
  4. Afrasiyab

    Palestinians prohibited from Israeli public transportation

    O the irony.
  5. Menshevik

    1948-1967: Why didn't the Palestinians have a country of their own?

    From 1948-1967 the Gaza Strip was under Egyptian control and the West Bank was Jordanian held territory. Why didn't the Jordanians and Egyptians give the land to the Palestinians?
  6. 1991sudarshan

    Palestinians - Native Jews converted to Islam ?

    I have been wondering whether the Palestinians were native Jews converted to Islam or immigrated people from the neighbouring gulf region. If we go by religious scriptures Jews and Palestinians were arch-rivals. But if we go by genetics, the Jews who remained in middle east and Palestinians...
  7. interest

    Legal international actions - palestinians after 48

    In "english speaking peoples since 1900 " roberts writes, "there was no doubt thatthe foundation of the state of israel in1948 left many palestinians feeling dispossessed , but instead of followinf the prescribed democratic, constotutional and internationalist routes for the relief of their...
  8. Zeno

    Why do you identify with the Palestinians?

    You often hear Muslims in Europe, America, or in other countries than Israel/Palestina taking a very one-sided anti-Israeli stance in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. They say things like "we're at the frontline of the conflict" when in reality they live hundreds, if not...
  9. Thessalonian

    Palestinians launch bid to join UN

    The Press Association: Palestinians launch bid to join UN "The Palestinians have officially launched their campaign to join the United Nations as a full member state, saying they will stage a series of peaceful events in the run-up to the annual gathering of the UN General Assembly later...
  10. Thessalonian

    Israel blocks return of Palestinians' remains

    "Palestinian officials have expressed outrage at Israel's 11th-hour decision to backtrack on a promise to hand over the remains of 84 Palestinians killed in the Middle East conflict in recent years. The goodwill gesture turned sour yesterday when Israel's Defence Minister, Ehud Barak...
  11. G

    The Holocaust and its parallels to modern treatment of palestinians

    Hello everyone Haven't been on for quite some time, but just thought of this forum today. The reason is, a israeli historian, Gideon Greif came to my gymnasium to give a lecture on the holocaust, specifically the Auschwitz KZ-camp. Through the whole lecture he gave a very informative - and...
  12. larkin

    prohibition of sexual relationships between Palestinians and Israeli.

    There is an ugly ghost hiding within this issue. YouTube - Sex with Jewish girl costs Arab man 18 months in Israeli jail
  13. Tuman bay

    Who do you think has the right of the land Palestine Israelis or Palestinians ?

    Who do you think has the right of the land Palestine Israelis or Palestinians ? by given evidence ,,