1. Rex Hiemis

    Immortals in the Parthian Era

    Did the Parthians have Immortals in their army? We know that Sassanids revided the Immortals of the Achaemenid Empire, but do we know anything about Immortals of Parthian Era?
  2. Damavand

    Parthian Nonsense

    For several reasons I'm not going to list here, the Parthian Arsacids are my least favourite pre-Islamic Iranian dynasty. But this thread isn't about the Arsacid Empire, but rather the Parthians in general, and particularly one of their numerous shenanigans in the Sassanid Persian Empire...
  3. Agent Smith

    What do you think of the Parthian Empire.

    I am reading about the Parthian Empire and would love to hear the opinion of people in here.
  4. A

    Names of Median, Persian, and Parthian Rulers in OLD PERSIAN?

    Is there any list somewhere where it is stated the names of the rulers in OLD PERSIAN?
  5. SafavideIrani

    How much did Parthian and Persian influence the Armenian language?

    Im quite curious to know after reading this: Due to an enormous amount of (middle) Iranian loanwords the Armenian language initially was also classified as an Iranian language but (in 1875) H├╝bschmann established it as a separate language branch of the Indo-European language family. So how...
  6. M

    Hellenistic cavalry againt Parthian Cataphracts

    When the Selucid Empire first met with Parthian empire, the weapons of the Parthian cavalry were much more powerful than the Agema and Companion cavalry. The Selucid cavalry was good discendents of Alexander's cavalry. But the Parthians were armoured head to toe from rider to horse. They carried...
  7. M

    Selucid-Parthian Wars

    The Roman-Parthian Wars or the Roman-Diaochi wars is often talked about but I can't find any info on the Parthians retaking the Persian Empire from the Greeks. Wikipedia is very vague. Can anyone give me the info on the wars, the major battles and what tactics did they have? The Parthians used...
  8. H

    beautiful Parthian architecture forgotten in Iraq

    Al Hatra At first glance I thought these ruins were Roman:o
  9. H

    Parthian coins use Greek letters inscription?

    Why? Why don't use Persian inscription? Parthians have their own writing system, why do they use foreign alphabets? Anyone have an idea? This is really strange.
  10. Inc

    Parthian War of Caracalla

    Brief Wiki on the subject: Parthian war of Caracalla - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I find it a little surprising that information is so sparse in relation to a possible massacre, leading to a war. So, was he a poor wedding groom?
  11. okamido

    Parthian Chain of command

    What was their command structure like and did it resemble anything European due to contact with Greeks, or later Romans?
  12. E

    templar knights versus Parthian cataphracts

    ok i have reviewed the previous post of the templar and would really like to find their ultimate match. and i think i have found it. so 500 templars in traditional weaponry and armour. MOUNTED on horseback versus 500 heavy i believe they were called parthian Cataphracts and obviously they are...
  13. tdhigg01

    Parthian Secret Weapon?

    That's from Plutarch's Fall of the Roman Republic (Crassus, 18). Apparently, this is a report from people in the Mesopotamian cities that Crassus had "captured." Obviously there's some exaggeration, but what could these new missiles be? Thanks in advance.
  14. plutoboyz

    Seven Parthian Clans

    anyone have detailed information about them? or a link, e-book etc? please provide the free one, I don't have money and I hate online shopping. thanks.
  15. pinguin

    Caesar's Parthian Invasian

    In the final months of his life Julius Caesar was planning a massive expedition consisting of no less than 16 freshly-raised Roman Legions and a force of some 10,000 cavalry (some 90,000 men total) to invade Parthia, and annex its territories for Rome. He intended to march through Armenia...