1. B

    How much support did eastern European communist parties have post WW2 1945-1950?

    Has anyone ever tried to work out how much actual support they had (e.g if there was a free election how many votes they would win). Btw I know that some of the prewar elections where relatively free.
  2. Futurist

    Were any Communist parties outside of Europe supporters of ethnic federalization?

    In the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia (and, to some extent, in Yugoslavia as well), Communists federalized their countries along ethnic lines. In turn, this helped facilitate the break-up of these countries once Communist rule there collapsed--with the Soviet Union becoming fifteen separate...
  3. F

    Roots of political parties and movements of Europe.

    This is not exactly about what those movements do and say today, but about what came before, especially in the period since 1945. As a possible counterweight to a view that what happens is so new and without precedence. not least national movements and parties with a particular popular appeal...
  4. T

    members of totalitarian parties?

    Hey, i was just wondering about this subject, what do you think about the average members of totalitarian parties? Note, i'm not talking about the core leadership, the elite, but the "footsoldiers", the mass membership of these parties. Should they be viewed as collabolators, maintainers of the...
  5. N

    Size and demenor of Native American war parties

    Hey guys, The other day we watched an old Marilyn Monroe western. In it, the native americans drove off a farmer and his son. The war party had no more than 6 or so in it. But my issue is that they perused them for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles. . . In the process losing like...
  6. Darth Raidius

    Battles fought between 3 or more parties

    Do you know of any battles (not wars or large-scale campaigns) throughout history that were fought between 3 (or more) opposing armies simultaneously?
  7. History 8 Teacher

    Political Parties

    In Washington's Farewell address he cautioned against the development of political parties. I can't help but wonder with the presidential campaign at full steam ahead if he was right. Are political parties good for our nation? What might our country look like today without them?
  8. Futurist

    Why did ethnic minorities in the German Empire always vote for their own parties?

    When I looked at election maps for the German Empire, I noticed something very interesting. To elaborate on this, it appears that ethnic minorities (or at least areas where ethnic minorities were a majority) voted for their own parties in every or almost every election during the German Empire...
  9. Valens

    Political parties as a threat to democracy

    This issue has been put forth many times before in political thought, especially in modern times during the domination of electoral democracies in the Western world. Representative democracies, based on political parties, are today the most dominant form of political system. Most countries in...
  10. A. Lincoln

    The History of Political Parties

    Hey gang. A friend of mine asked me for a good book on the history of political parties that is unbiased, but I was having trouble coming up with something. Any recommendations?
  11. E

    James Madison: A Candid State of Parties September 22, 1792

    Reading this document written by James Madison and I can't seem to grasp the points that he is trying to make. I already know the basics on what this essay is written about and have researched it multiple times. Can someone explain to me what Madison is trying to say and give me some background...
  12. Phil25

    (Republicans vs Democrats) vs Third Parties

    If there was an election on Historum who would support, Republicans, Democrats or some Third Party like Libertarians, Greens, and Communists.
  13. frankota

    What would the modern parties of the presidents prior to FDR be?

    In other words, Lincoln was a Republican during his presidency, but what would he be considered if he ran for office today? Same goes for the rest. I lack perspective on the topic, but I tend to just switch the Democrats to Republicans and the Republicans to Democrats.
  14. Chancellor

    Suppression of political parties in post-WWII Europe

    Should a government/court system, whether independent from each other, be allowed to proscribe and suppress a political party? I will not allude to or comment on recent examples, but you may well suppose which I may have in mind. Historically, the banning of the SRP and KPD in Western Germany in...
  15. B

    The Impact of the past political parties on today's politics

    Hi there! Does anyone know what is the impact of the Federalist and the Democratic-Republican on today's politics issues/problems/and so on? I think that it obviously creates a constant world between parties within the government, and that's it. I really appreciate some help. Thanks!
  16. ucanefan

    ELI5 How political parties have changed over time

    there's a useful website based off "Explain Like I'm 5" and I posted this there with no answer. Any help on a simple overview on how American political parties have change over time? I'm interested in ALL American political history but more specifically the 20th century ie southern democrats etc
  17. ucanefan

    Documentary on how American political parties have changed over time?

    Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
  18. Jiujitman

    Early American Political Parties

    I was hoping I could get some sort of clarification on the early American political parties. What circumstances of the time forced the Whigs, Federalists, Jefferson Democrats, and Republicans to adopt the views they held. For instance, Hamilton and Washington advocated a powerful, centralized...
  19. P

    book(s) about the History of political parties in the US

    hi everyone, I'm currently looking for a book (or more) about the History of political parties in the US, mostly Republicans and Democrats. I always tried to understand why now, the Democrats are more or less viewed as progressists, anti-racists... when Lincoln was a Republican, when MLK was a...
  20. davu

    Conformation of Asia/South America contact -- 6000 BC -- They had beer/tea parties looks like the work of "Sorenson & Johannessen" is getting closer and closer