1. Kizznyc

    Experts prove Hindi being fake language and it's originals as being artificial. Discuss

    Hindi an artificial language, says expert Hindi–Urdu controversy - Wikipedia Artificial language - Wikipedia Article 351 of constitution of India clearly indicates to hindi being a constructed language with a natural language HINDUSTANI as its base Subquestion: Is article 351 responsible for...
  2. dlnewhouse

    partition of French Indo-China

    Is there any book that covers the partition of French Indo-China into Cambodia and Vietnam?
  3. Futurist

    After the partition of India, did India hope that Pakistan would rejoin it?

    I'm curious about this--after the partition of India, did Indian politicians and the Indian population hope that Pakistan would eventually rejoin it? Or did they already think that the partition of India was going to be permanent? Does anyone here have any information in regards to this? Also...
  4. Futurist

    How crucial was World War II to the Partition of India?

    In your opinion, how crucial was World War II to the Partition of India? In other words, do you think that the Partition of India would have still occurred without World War II? The reason that I am asking this is because I know that World War II allowed the Muslim League to rise into...
  5. Futurist

    Would a non-Nazi Germany have been willing to partition Poland together with Russia?

    I'm curious about this--do you think that a non-Nazi German regime would have been willing to partition Poland together with Russia in the 1930s, 1940s, or 1950s (in a scenario where the Nazis never come to power in Germany due to Hitler being killed back in 1923)? Basically, I am not thinking...
  6. G

    What if population exchange was implemented in India’s partition

    What if ambedkar’s Plan was implemented and all Hindus from Pakistan moves to the new India and all Muslims from India moved to Pakistan? What social, cultural, demographic, political and other impact would this have had in shaping the future? Do you think this would have been better in the...
  7. C

    partition of India.

    Is partition of India was just division of Two religious community (2NT) or it was separation of two distinct Nations ?
  8. Futurist

    The UN Rejects a Partition of Palestine in 1947

    What if, for whatever reason, the U.N. General Assembly would have voted against partitioning Palestine in 1947? For the record, the vote in the UNGA in our TL was only barely above the necessary two-thirds majority; thus, with a less sympathetic U.S. President (perhaps due to FDR picking a...
  9. Futurist

    What does partition of Palestine look like w/o a Holocaust?

    What exactly would a Palestine partition have looked like in either a no-Holocaust scenario or in a much-smaller-Holocaust scenario? (For the record, the former can be achieved by killing Adolf Hitler in 1923--thus very likely completely butterflying away Nazi Germany--whereas the latter can be...
  10. F

    Pre-1900: other European powers vulnerable to partition like Poland-Lithuania?

    There were other weakened / declining European powers before and after the partitions of Poland. Who were vulnerable to that kind of partition*? * Not necessarily by a trio (Austro-Russo-Prussian), could be by a duo/quartet/etc.
  11. Aham Brahmasmi

    why Muslims were allowed to stay in India after partition ?

    i dont understand why there were allowed to stay in India when they overwhelmingly voted for creation of Pakistan in 1946 Elections ? dont give me they wanted secular India bullshit because they (mostly Muslims from UP, Bihar and punjab/sindh) voted for Pakistan. There is an illusion due to...
  12. Gaius Julius Civilis

    No partition of India

    What would have been needed historically for British India to remain an unpartitioned state after independence? For instance, could prolonged British rule have resulted in a more unified and inclusive India? Oh, and please keep the discussion civilized.
  13. Futurist

    Was it a mistake to partition India in 1947?

    I voted No due to the fact that the Muslims in British India should have been able to determine their own destiny (which includes being able to have their own independent state(s)). However, I certainly do think that this partition could have been handled better--for instance, Kashmir should...
  14. G

    Why did Hindus of Bangladesh not migrate to India after 47 partition

    I mean Bangladesh was a stronger citadel of the Muslim League and there were riots there as well. Yet barring a few upper caste elitists most Hindus there remained. Worse they stayed there even despite 72 breakup. Why did they do this despite the Hindus in the west went to India in large nos...
  15. G

    Why did Hindus from East Pak not migrate during 1947 partition

    The population of Hindus fell drastically in West Pakistan right at the time of partition. But the population of Hindus in Bangladesh or East Pakistan at that time was somewhere around 20% and fell only marginally from around 25% in the undivided period. Why did Bengali Hindus from the east not...
  16. sonofstars

    Did Gandhi and the Indian National Congress Betray the Pashtuns during Partition ?

    Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan was the Islamic Gandhi and revered by the Pathans. He was the head of the Khudai Khidmatgar (Servants of God) party. He wanted the Pashtuns in the erstwhile British Empire to be part of a United Undivided India and severely opposed Partition. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan -...
  17. A

    why did Catherine the Great participated in partition of Poland

    I was always puzzled by this event. It was stupid, unnecessary, unjustifiable and haunted Russia ever since. Including current Ukrainian crisis as this is when Galicia became part of Austia-Hungarian empire and the ugliest form of ukranian nationalism was created. Why would she do it? Why...
  18. haimian

    Partition of European Timeline

    I'm working on a timeboard of European histrical events, I'll share some idea. Since the French Revolution 1789, every event throughout Europe influence each other and they shall be put together since 1740~1788 most Europe were involved in the war Prussia joined, but Ruthenia/Ukraine didn't...