1. Azad67

    The reason why Pashtuns had no kings in native regions before 18th century

    References :Afsana-i-Shahan (written by Shaikh Kabir Bhittani whose grandfather served in the army of Sher Shah Sur) Thats why Sher Shah Sur did not extend the boundary of his empire westward beyond Indus river, instead he received Afghan chieftains of Roh (Pakhtunkhwa) at Khushab and...
  2. AfghanistanBactriaAriana

    Tajiks, Farsiwan, and Persianized Pashtuns

    Everyone who speaks Farsi in Afghanistan and is not Hazara nowadays is called Tajik. However this is false in reality there are three different types. 1. Real Tajiks- Real Tajiks are those whos ancestors came across the Oxus during their russian occupation. Real Tajiks are a mix of Sogdians...
  3. PaKeeza

    The Pashtuns - Lost tribes of isreal?

    Genetic study sets out to uncover if there is a 2,700-year-old Isreali link with Pashtuns of Pakistan and Afghanistan. There are about 30 million Pashtuns in Pakistan with another 13 million in Afghanistan. Source > Quote "Israel is to fund a rare...
  4. Azad67

    An account of a clash between Pashtuns and Rajputs

    An account of a clash between Pashtuns and Rajputs
  5. Azad67

    Dogra Gulab Singh and Yousafzai Pashtuns .........the false account on Wikipedia

    I came across this ridiculous passage on Wikipedia in the article on Gulab Singh, the Dogra ruler, which has been used as reference by many Indians on online forums, .....Gulab Singh himself proceeded to Khyber Pakhtunwa region where Afghan tribesmen leader Painda Khan Afridi had raised...
  6. AfghanistanBactriaAriana

    Pashtun Ethnogenesis?

    This is the best explanation I could find of the Pashtuns ethnogenesis (if there was one). "The Pashtuns began as a union of largely East-Iranian tribes which became the initial ethnic stratum of the Pashtun ethnogenesis, dates from the middle of the first millennium CE and is connected with...
  7. Azad67

    The Indian history of Panni Pashtuns

    The Indian history of Panni Pashtuns
  8. Azad67

    The role of Pashtuns in war of succession of Mughals

    The role of Pashtuns in war of succession of Mughals
  9. H

    Pashtuns and the martial races of Qinghai province of China

    Ma Bufang (Ma Pu-fang) was a Hui warlord in the Republic of China and military Governor of Qinghai. Ma Bufang came from a family of Hui who served in the military of the Qing dynasty and Republic of China. His grandfather Ma Haiyan was a loyalist Hui officer who fought against rebel Hui in the...
  10. Azad67

    Do Pashtuns have nay links with hephthalites?

    Some where i read that white huns aka hephthalites were ancestors of Pashtuns........Is it true?or there any historical evidences to support this theory?
  11. Azad67

    Pashtuns got 'Khan' title from Turk Sultans of Delhi , not Mongols

    1- Some people assume that when Mongols devastated Afghanistan in 13th century ¸ Pashtuns must have borrowed from them at that occasion. Why would Mongol conquerors bestow their royal title to them?. Also People should keep in mind that Mongols devastated central and northern Afghanistan...
  12. sonofstars

    Did Gandhi and the Indian National Congress Betray the Pashtuns during Partition ?

    Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan was the Islamic Gandhi and revered by the Pathans. He was the head of the Khudai Khidmatgar (Servants of God) party. He wanted the Pashtuns in the erstwhile British Empire to be part of a United Undivided India and severely opposed Partition. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan -...
  13. M

    how were afghans and pashtuns converted to islam

    after arab conquests