1. V

    are Pathans Indians ?

    It seems that they were Indi-Aryan gandhara people who hadbtheir language replaced by Iranic invaders but their genes remained same.Thats why they are most similar to Sindhi people of South India. When people of Hindu Kish mountains, Pathans had to face language shift ? Are they still Indians ?
  2. Azad67

    Tracing the roots of Bollywood Khans...are they really Pathans?

    Among the great Khans of Bollywood, its actually only Aamir Khan , who in proper genealogy , is descendant of Pashtun settlers in India. His native place, Qaimganj, was given as Jagir to Rashid Khan Ansari (grandson of Pir-Roshan) in 1607 by Mughal emperor Jehangir, with Mau Rashidabad as...
  3. Azad67

    History of the Pathans , Pakhtuns or Afghans

    In this thread i will post random tidbits of Pashtun history.