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    Help defining this ancient pattern

    Hello. This is my first post on these forums. I need help to identify or give meaning to this stone carving that was found in my country, Kosovo. It is said to be a closed labyrinth, meaning there is no entry and exit. I will not give further details, since I want honest opinions. This is...
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    Armstrong Gun Pattern 1760

    Hi All, My question concerns English naval history, and in particular the method developed by Armstrong in the design of naval guns of the late 18th century. I have been looking for the method developed by Armstrong in the hope of putting it practice and testing it out. The only information...
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    Chinese Mountain Pattern Armor

    Perhaps something like this AFAIK, this is unique to China and they used this along with Brigandine rather than adopt mail armor which they were exposed to frequently. Does anyone know why this is? Can anyone conjure up any potential benefits of using this strangely patterned armor?
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    Xuanzong's eyebrow pattern book

    Anybody know anything about Shi Mei Tu - Xuanzong's eyebrow pattern book for ladies of the court? Or anything else related to the diverse eyebrow fashions of China? Judy