1. Futurist

    Paul von Hindenburg lives until 1950

    What if Alien Space Bats would have allowed Paul von Hindenburg to live until 1950--when he would have been either 103 or 104 years old? How would this have affected Germany in the years and decades after 1934? Any thoughts on this?
  2. Futurist

    Paul von Hindenburg dies in 1931

    What if Paul von Hindenburg would have been in worse health and would have thus died three years earlier than he did in real life (after all, he was already 83-84 in 1931). Who would the main challenger to Hitler in 1932 be in this scenario? Also, would this challenger have defeated Hitler...
  3. T

    Has anyone read The Wake by Paul Kingsnorth?

    Would anyone recommend this novel set in post-Norman Conquest England? It deals with a man called Buccmaster of Holland who loses his family and home to the Normans and subsequently leads a guerilla campaign against the invaders. It is apparently inspired by the Anglo-Danish/Saxon post-Conquest...
  4. JohnnyH

    Paul [McCartney] is dead, 1960's?

    With the 1969 release of the Beatles' penultimate album, Abbey Road, with it's iconic sleeve cover of the fabs crossing the titular road outside their studio, came some odd and intriguing fan theories which rapidly gained notoriety- Paul McCartney was dead, only to have been secretly replaced by...
  5. BadWolf

    Prince Paul of Yugoslavia

    People of Ex-Yu usually talk about Tito when they want to show politician working well under harsh conditions, I always say look at Regent Paul. Tensions in Kingdom of Yugoslavia were high under King Alexander I, government was centralized and parties were opposing each other so strongly that it...
  6. M

    Is St Paul an historical person.

    There seems to be less evidence for St Paul then there is for Jesus Christ, He isn't mentioned by any Ancient Roman historian, just as Josephus, Pliny, Suetonius or Tacitus. All of his letters are oddly sent to Roman colonies that are highly associated with the Imperial Cult, such as...
  7. R

    Kidnapping Attempts on John Paul Jones

    Technically, I guess this would be American history, but my question is about his time on the island of Texel (Holland) in 1779. I read that the British tried to persuade the populace to kidnap and hand over Jones to British authorities. Have any of you read of any actual attempts to get him...
  8. Porter Rockwell

    Is Paul Ryan like Marshall Pétain?

    Mark Twain once said that history doesn't repeat, but it rhymes. It is in that spirit that I propose for comment a parallel with current events that I have noticed in the beginning stage of WW2: the fall of France as a result of the German blitzkrieg. I have just finished Churchill's memoir of...
  9. Kapyong

    Does Paul refer to an earthly historical Jesus ?

    Gday Bart Dale and all :) Historical means names, dates, places, events etc. Paul gives nothing like that - nothing to indicate Jesus was ever on earth. It appears you are so convinced that Paul described Jesus as earthly, that you see any ambiguous reference as clear evidence of earthly...
  10. Sam-Nary

    Review of Paul Jankowski's "Verdun: the Longest Battle of the Great War"

    A while back, I posted a chapter by chapter review on John Mosier's book on the Battle of Verdun. That you can find here: While there were some small portions of the book that...
  11. RomanEmperor

    Is there a chance Paul Bennewitz was telling the truth? What do you guys think about this? I mean what if he wasn't crazy and they just wanted to make him look like he was.
  12. M

    Tsar Paul 1 of Russia is not assassinated

    A scenario. Tsar Paul 1 of Russia is not assassinated in 1801. He carries on his reconciliation with France . And the more France became dominated by Napoleon, Tsar Paul felt that French exported Jacobinism was no longer such a threat to the rest of Europe. Tsar Paul carries on an anti-British...
  13. Druzhina

    Drawings of the Swedish & Danish armies, by Paul Dolnstein, 1502

    For those interested in the Swedish army here are some historical 16th century images by a soldier in the Danish Army: Battle between Danish and Swedish armies at the Danish siege of Old Älvsborg Fortress in 1502, by Paul Dolnstein Two soldiers in battle at Old Älvsborg Castle in 1502...
  14. S

    Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck

    Between May 1928 and July 1930, the former General served as a Reichstag deputy for the monarchist German National People's Party. He intensely "distrusted Hitler and his movement," and approached his relative Hans-Jürgen von Blumenthal with an idea to form a coalition with the Stahlhelm against...
  15. Moros

    Ignatius on Paul

    In his letter to the Ephesians, Ignatius praises the Ephesians for their spiritual heritage from St.Paul, who he says "in all his Epistles makes mention of you in Christ Jesus". How does that square with the present canon of Paul's letters, since he does not mention the Ephesians/Ephesus in...
  16. Space Shark

    John Paul II speaks out in support of Communism

    By "support", I mean that he says until every gainfully employed person has the resources to live a long and healthy life, wealth should be distributed much more evenly. He condemns the secularism, of course, but says that on economics Marx was spot on. How would the world react? I'd imagine he...
  17. C

    A History of Christianity by Paul Johnson.. has anyone read this?

    This is a work I bought a couple years ago, and after doing a quick run-through of it back then, and seeing how dense it was, I put it back on the shelf for a later read. This year, on the other hand, I've made it a goal of mine to finish it, and am currently about two fifths of the way...
  18. Kapyong

    Kapyong's Jesus Myth Theory

    Gday all :) I'm fairly new here :) I am interested in the history of Christianity, and over the years of study I have come to view a Spiritual/Mythical Jesus as the most likely reality behind early Christianity. My views are influenced by Doherty and Carrier obviously, but I've added some...
  19. VHS

    Christianity before Paul?

    Since much of the current Christianity is Pauline Christianity, challenging Paul seems blasphemous for many Christians, since it also shakes the very foundation of the existing Christianity. The harms by medieval and modern Christianity also rooted in Paul. What was Christianity like before...
  20. S

    Paul Hausser knew about the KZ?

    Can someone tell me if Paul Hausser knew of the Holocaust? I read this: IMT Testimony of Paul Hausser in defense of the Waffen-SS - Axis History Forum But on his wiki page there's this: thanks