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    The Easter Rising & Its Aftermath - Padraig Pearse & James Connolly

    Kp9JHvvCL6Y Padraig Pearse, the romantic nationalist, and James Connolly, the revolutionary socialist. The second part in a series of videos I'm making about the Easter Rising. If you like it, please like and subscribe! Thanks.
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    Pádraig Pearse's Dad was an Englishman

    Padraig Pearse aka Patrick Henry Pearse was an Irish revolutionary (see: and a leading figure during the 1916 Easter Rebellion in Dublin. Pádraig's father was an Englishman, James Pearse/Pearce, born in London on 8 December 1839 in Bloomsbury, the...
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    RICHARD PEARSE - First Man to Fly a Mechanically Powered Aeroplane?

    Pearse is recognised as the first man in New Zealand to lift off from the ground flying his home built powered aircraft. His achievements and the flights made in 1902/1903 at Waitohi in New Zealand have little or no similarity to the well-documented flights which took place by the Wright...