1. R

    Who were the "Pelasgians"?

    Numerous ancient texts mention "Pelasgians" as being pre-Hellenic tribes or ethnic groups which had lived in Greece and other areas of the Aegean, since time immemorial. But who exactly were these Pelasgians? Their origin, language and culture are only vaguely described, if at all, in the...
  2. T

    Pelasgians, the first homo-sapiens in Europe?

    We've all heard about the great Pelasgians, the ancestors of ancient greeks who spoke a "barbaric" language according to many greek historians...people who invented a lot but were destroyed by "civilized" tribes etc etc etc... The Pelasgians were nothing other than the first humans in Europe...
  3. Niki86

    The Pelasgians

    What was their origin and language? Same as the Minoans or the Dorians? I've read conflicting texts from various ancient writers concerning their race.
  4. haow85

    Pelasgians older than Egyptians ?

    Herodotus claimed in his Histories that Pelasgians were older than Egyptians and detailed a very interesting story as follows: The Egyptian Pharaoh sent two children to live alone in a hut for several years to see, when they grew old enough, which language they were to utter. It turned out the...