1. Futurist

    The Gaza Strip expands into the northeastern Sinai Peninsula

    In real life, the Gaza Strip is overcrowded like Hell and also has a rapidly growing population--thus gradually making this overpopulation problem worse and worse. Thus, I was thinking--what if Egypt, in a generous show of Arab hospitality, would have given the northeastern part of the Sinai...
  2. El Cid

    What prevented Arab invasion of the Italian Peninsula?

    In 717 the vast Umayyad Caliphate tried and failed to capture Constantinople, and was destroyed by the Byzantines. For that reason (East)Europe went to Christianity later. In 732 the Battle of Tours found place in which Charles Martel smashed the Muslim army. It is debatable whether the Muslim...
  3. T

    Viking raids on the Iberian Peninsula

    I know that there were Viking raids on what is now Spain and Portugal, but I don't know the specifics. Were these Vikings Danish, Norwegian, or even Swedish? When was the first and when was the last? I've heard that the last were on the Balearic Islands in around 1030 and I am wondering if that...
  4. S

    Autonomy of the Chukchi Peninsula

    The easternmost peninsula of the continent of Asia, the Chukchi Peninsula is an indigenous area of land included in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug of Russia. I know that an autonomous government allows that country to have self governance separate from the larger nation (in this case Russia) and...
  5. LatinoEuropa

    Muslim Iberian peninsula

    And if the Iberian peninsula it was muslim. The new world existed today. Suggestion United States America Canadá Brazil Argentina etc.etc. Have you ever thought about this? Say your opinion.
  6. LatinoEuropa

    The peoples of the Iberian peninsula

    Was the people of the Iberian peninsula that conquered the world with its discoveries. The Portuguese initiator born in the port city of Infante D. Henry the browser Navigate It was the Iberians who told the world that the world was round was the Iberians who spilled the Catholic religion for...
  7. LatinoEuropa

    Iberian Peninsula Castles

    My question is this, the Iberian peninsula is rich in castles. Which is the oldest castle built by the Christians, a prior the Muslim castles must be the oldest, I am fed up of doing research on the construction of the castle of Christian Guimaraes and the castle of Leiria Muslim construction...
  8. W

    What if Japan invaded the Arabian Peninsula during WWII?

    An interesting link I found on Yahoo Answers. Its rather hilarious but its an interesting scenario whoever wrote the above link and its text (which I quoted in the paragraph above). So what would happen realistically if...
  9. J

    Where was the exact location of the arabian peninsula when islam started?

    I hope this doesn't seem like a dumb question, but where was it located exactly? I notice the use of pearls and corals and I was curious, what kind of sea was located in that section of the arabian peninsula?
  10. G

    Why did the Guptas not conquer the whole of the Indian Peninsula

    I mean they had the resources to do that during the time of Chandragupta II, Samudragupta and also the time of the Vakataka-Gupta matrimonial alliance. They could have easily gone down. I feel a little disappointed by this as the Guptas were the best bet in Indian history of forming a long...
  11. LatinoEuropa

    : People who inhabited the Iberian Peninsula

    Muslim / Arab In the eighteenth century (year 711), the Arabs, also called Muslims or Moors from the north of Africa, invaded the Iberian Peninsula in the south. These remained more than five centuries (711-1249) in much of the territory that today is Portugal, which have left many traces of...
  12. LatinoEuropa

    The first people to inhabit the Iberian Peninsula

    1. The first people to inhabit the Iberian Peninsula <br /> 2. What is the Iberian Peninsula? <br /> It is the territory further west in Europe and that includes what is now Portugal and Spain. <br /> 3. For many years, the Iberian Peninsula was inhabited by various peoples: <br /> <ul> <li>...
  13. D

    Ethnic composition of Liaoning during Yuan and before? Who were the Nikan?

    Hi everybody, I was wondering what was the ethnic demographics and culture like in Liaoning, both Liaodong and Liaoxi during the Yuan and before, during Jin, Liao, Tang and after Koguryo? When did Han Chinese settlement begin? And, the acculturation of the people into 'Tai Nikan'/Nikan? I...
  14. David K

    New History Book about Spain's California Conquests and Peninsula Missions: Reviews

    Baja California Land of Missions is 240 pages of historical stories about the people and places where Spain attempted to colonize the peninsula of California. The book includes details, combined with maps and photographs, along with historic drawings of events, people, and places. The padres who...
  15. G

    What if the Rashids rather than Sauds became the preeminent power of Arab peninsula

    How differently would history pan out if the House of Rashid ruled the region today? Were they more liberal/moderate than the Sauds? Would their global alliances have changed? How would they deploy oil in global politics? Would they be so interventionist? How Would relations be like with Turkey...
  16. F

    Baja California Peninsula sealed off from Mexico Proper

    If the US were determined to annex the Baja California Peninsula in the late 1800s or early 1900s, where would they maneuver to seal off the Peninsula from Mexico Proper most rapidly and effectively? From Yuma to the Colorado River Delta? Once sealed off, how quickly would it fall?
  17. S

    koreans ruled China shandong peninsula 8th century

    15000 korean people ship started from yaodung, arrived to China shandung. and they established a new dynasty. yi jung gi was the first king.He tried to attack Chinese capital city. chinese emperor was thretened by him. this fact is also well known to chinese historians. formerly 7th century...
  18. Ashiusx

    Could the US save South Korea if Korea wasn't a peninsula?

    Korea being a peninsula made it an easy place to defend against the communist attacks, the communist threat could be funneled or bottlenecked at the North. The only way to attack South Korea would be cross the 38th parallel, any attempt by sea would be too risky to actually work...
  19. M

    Greetings from the Iberian Peninsula

    Hi, Im MadCeltiberian and Ive been looking around this forum for a few months now, but I just decided to join now. I am specially interested in Classical Civilisation. Thanks for the warm greetings Historum!:)
  20. purpleguy89

    Best name for the invaders of the Iberian Peninsula in 711 AD?

    Okay, so in 711, a massive invasion swept what are now Spain and Portugal, and went as far as southeastern France, but was stopped at the Battle of Tours. Following this defeat, these invaders would rule over most of the Iberian Peninsula until the 11th Century. From then on, they were...