1. F

    How open or sceptical?

    A question about how skeptical we are and should be. Out of curiosity. If we think about the possibility of lands, peoples, cultures, cities that may have disappeared into "thin air" as it is said, how believable is that? If one is very skeptical it may seem easy to just think it as a...
  2. plant

    hunter / gatherer peoples and water

    Hi all, i am new to this forum... just been reading the book ‘Sapiens’ by Harari. i have been wondering how far a h/g tribe could h/g in terms of distance from fresh water sources? did they travel along rivers, and make ‘day trips’ with gourds? skins? bladders? full of water? many thanks in...
  3. RidiculousName

    Hitler's View of the Germanic Peoples

    When posters in another thread started to debate regarding my post about how Hitler might've viewed the Dutch I noticed a lot of contrasting views. I didn't want to derail that thread too much so I thought I would try and move the debate here since people seem interested. The post that...
  4. F

    Historians: look not much at peoples, look at their environment

    I hope this is not seen as too much a repetition of my earlier posts on Historum. Would that give better insight and understanding of much of history? I for my part think so. That for understanding different histories for different peoples (though with reservation it is less clear for history of...
  5. Menshevik

    Questions about the Germans and German speaking peoples

    I remember reading a WWII book in which a German general was critical of another general because the general was Swabian. I remember much the same scorn being mentioned because a certain commander was from Pomerania. Sadly, I don't remember any of the names in question. I thought these details...
  6. RidiculousName

    Questions on the Ainu and Japanese Peoples

    How did they come to live at, at least, the north of Japan and the Kuriles? Are they related to the Okinawans? Why do they appear so similar to Europeans? Why didn't the Ainu pick up the technologies of the Japanese over the thousand or so years the Japanese were expanding across the islands...
  7. R

    Did the Mycenaean Greeks borrow their goddesses from other peoples?

    It is suspected that the female pantheon worshipped by the Indo-European people...included mostly foreign, pre-Indoeuropean deities which had been borrowed from other ethnic groups, primarily Minoans and Pelasgians. Such is the case, for example, with the goddess "Potnia"...
  8. LatinoEuropa

    Mixture of the Iberian peoples

    Mixture of the Iberian peoples. I ask, who were the first peoples to inhabit the Iberian peninsula. Suggestions Non-Indo-European Peoples Carthaginians Aquarius Aquitanos Autrigones - sometimes considered Celtic Caristos - sometimes considered Celtic Vardulos - sometimes considered Celtic...
  9. Andy Levo

    The inspiration behind peoples, characters, locations and events in Game of Thrones

    I have just started watching GOT(no spoilers!!!!season 4) and I have been thinking about the inspiration GRRM takes from history. What are some of the ones you have noticed? Some obvious ones: -Dothraki-Mongols/Turks/Scythians -Andals-Saxons -Children of the Forrest-Romans -Qarth-Constantinople...
  10. EmperorTigerstar

    Sea Peoples: Symptom or Cause of the Bronze Age Collapse?

    Extra Credits on YouTube had a good series about the Sea Peoples: a group of people whose identity is mostly mysterious that happened to invade a lot of places causing a lot of cities to collapse. Around the same time the famous and also mysterious Bronze Age Collapse occurred. The narrator of...
  11. LatinoEuropa

    The peoples of the Iberian peninsula

    Was the people of the Iberian peninsula that conquered the world with its discoveries. The Portuguese initiator born in the port city of Infante D. Henry the browser Navigate It was the Iberians who told the world that the world was round was the Iberians who spilled the Catholic religion for...
  12. H

    Need sources on the Pueblo peoples during the 1830s-40s

    I'm looking for sources, either primary or secondary, that'd describe some of the history and living conditions of the various Pueblo Native-American peoples (aka "Pueblo Indians") during the 1830s-40s, before and just after the Mexican-American War. Can anyone recommend some? I realize I'm...
  13. Armatus

    How much did "Invaders" really impact native populations?

    So many peoples have these stories about how they descend from some invading tribe or nation, that usually conquered, displaced, and replaced a native population. How true is that? What I mean is, are Europeans generally still the same peoples that have lived on their modern territories by...
  14. M

    Did British interference cause conflict (indigenous peoples)?

    British interference and empire in general can be seen to have promoted conflict in both India and across Southern Africa. Were British relations with indigenous peoples in these regions similar or different? :deadhorse::deadhorse::deadhorse::deadhorse::deadhorse::deadhorse:
  15. G

    Did Irish, Scottish and Welsh peoples ever ally together against common enemy England

    Did they ever? What was the outcome? Why did this not happen more often since such an alliance could have held fort against expansionist English? Also Cornwallian peoples ever have a strong independent monarchy of their own and if that too could have been this alliance?
  16. T

    What peoples in Europe deserve their own states?

    . . .And what nations do you feel dont need to exist? And can be better served by splitting into multiple countries or joining with other nations politically?
  17. G

    Has Mongolia created a 'right to return' law for Mongolic peoples outside its lands

    I mean the Siberian mongols of Russia, Mongols in China, Hazaras and the Naimans etc. groups which are clearly Mongolic and some of whom face persecution. Has Mongolia created a right to return law for these peoples to ensure reinforcement for their nationalism. If not then why not? Because they...
  18. antiquarian

    The Germanic Peoples

    Please sum up the Germanic peoples in one word, danke.
  19. T

    Why did the Germanic peoples migrate South?

    The modern ethnic makeup of central Europe can be said to have taken shape when the Goths began moving down from what is today Southern Sweden in (As far as i recall) 200 BC - my question is why?
  20. S

    Finno-Ugric peoples of Russia

    I've read the Wikipedia articles about them, but what else does anyone know about the Finno-Ugric peoples of Russia, such as the Nenets, Komi, and Khanty? specifically how did they live before being conquered by Russians? did they have any organized kingdoms or just loose tribal structures...