1. Darth Raidius

    Whites who fought alongside natives - against colonialism?

    Do you know of any ethnic Europeans (that is "whites") who fought alongside native warriors in battle against a "white" colonial power? Whether this took place in Africa, the Americas or Asia is irrelevant for me. Note that I do not count any instance where a colonial power would ally with...
  2. Celidya

    Fallen for History: peoples remembered only after they died

    While reading some of the threads about WWI and Franz Ferdinand, i just had that weird idea. Many great conquerors, generals, rulers or inventors became famous for what they achieved, however some peoples remain famous mostly because... they just happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong...
  3. Stannis

    Bonjour les gens ! Hello people !

    Hello :) I present me. I'm french and I like history, and I want to learn English, that is why I'm here because I want to speak of history and speak English in the same time. And if I make mistakes, tell me please because I can correct. :)
  4. Thecurioushistorian

    Who were the Sea Peoples?

    I've always been interested in the Sea Peoples, but I don't know much about them. I remember reading somewhere that they launched a wave of attacks on the civilizations of the Mediterranean coast or something. Anyone know who they were? Where they came from? Anything about them?
  5. G

    Like Jews, are there any Hindu groups which find out about less known Hindu peoples

    Like there are Jewish organizations which find about less known Jewish people around the world either through historical record, genetics or cultural ties; are there any Hindu organizations which help find out about less known Hindu groups through similar methods? What kind of works do they pursue?
  6. Zeno

    History of the Kavkas peoples

    Recently i've become fascinated with the culture, language and history of the peoples that live on the slopes of the Caucasus mountains. Specifically interested in the history and culture of the Ossetians and the Circassians, as well as the Adygey. I know from hearsay and preliminary...
  7. Drummerboy

    Are some peoples incapable of self-rule?

    When we look at the political unrest, the genocide, and the myriad civil wars that has plagued Africa since the end of the Colonial Rule, it's not a pretty sight. Rwanda; Sierra Leone; the Sudan; the Hutus and the Tsutsis. And look at some of the sweethearts who got into power, like Idi...
  8. unity

    Ancestry forging by non-Han peoples

    The old thread that was closed was done after the topic got hijacked into a discussion about Goguryeo and Korea, and the original topic was not even about that but about Qin Shi Huang's ethnicity. To clarify, this thread will solely be about non-Han peoples around China forging genealogies to...
  9. T

    Where did the Sea Peoples Come from. 1177BC

    Around the year 1177BC, the empires of the Eastern Mediterrainian that ruled this period of the Bronze Age, were attacked by a confederacy of sea faring raiders peoples known as the people of the sea. They are seen as a reason for the quick decline of the eastern empires, but where did they...
  10. X

    your favorite near east society/civilisation?

    which culture from this area are you most impressed with? in terms of architecture , religion , military , technology ect.
  11. Salah

    Peoples named by their enemies

    Consider the Sioux Nations of the American Plains, and the Welsh. These are two disparate groups of people, who seemingly have nothing in common apart from their very humanity. It is theorized, however, that both the words "Sioux" and "Welsh" have a similar etymological history. Both words...
  12. Haardrada

    Ch'iang and Ti peoples

    Hi I am interested in finding out what the Chiang and Ti tribes looked like around 200 BC to 400AD please?I understand they were considered barbarian to the Han Chinese and dwelled on the western border of the Han empire.They often fought against the Han and allied with the Xiongnu (Hsiung nu).I...
  13. T

    Why did the Turkic peoples fail to get rid of Russian rule

    Why did the Turkic peoples fail to get rid of Russian rule? The brutal sovietization and Russification of Turkic peoples is totally ignored by the history. I mean Russian is still lingua franca in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and almost all Uzbeks and Turkmens still speak Russian. Why didn't they...
  14. No Bias FTW

    Eastern Eurasian Peoples: Militarily Most Powerful For a Millenium or More

    I have been noticing this ever since I started learning about the Steppe empires and history - but nobody seems to talk much about it before. The pattern that I have noticed is this: throughout much of written history, conquerors tend to move unhindered south and westward (south-westerly and...
  15. C

    Indo-Europeans and Semitic peoples

    Indo-Europeans and Semitic peoples according to this two maps "proto-tribes" (predecessors of semits and indo-europeans accordingly) divided nearly 100-70 tya. it seems like before "meeting" of ethnoses on territories around Levant (3 tya) indo-europeans and semits hadnt have no interactions...
  16. Henrique Aguiar

    Germanic Peoples and their Racial Prepotency: A Truth?

    (...) Massacres on Australia's frontier tended to fall under a veil of secrecy due to fear of possible legal consequences, especially following the Myall Creek Massacre in 1838 and thus remained unrecorded as a general rule.[1] This appears at odds with the common assertion of revisionist...
  17. Joe Freeman

    Religion of the Turkic peoples

    Now almost all countries that have Turkic background are Muslim. But since they came from Mongolia, and Mongolia is Buddhist and has been like that for a long time, that means they converted to Islam at some point. How did this happen, and when? Was the Golden Horde Muslim or Buddhist? Why would...
  18. purakjelia

    The Mysterious Bok/Pu peoples of Southwestern China

    I have always wondered why some southwestern Chinese and southern Chinese look different from the stereotypical northern/central Chinese look. My family comes from southwestern China, and I noticed that some of my family members have larger eyes and darker skin than the typical northern Han...
  19. Modest Learner

    Who were the Sea Peoples?? What impact did they caused?

    The title says it all. Add another question to it. "Was the impact as devastating as the one after the end of Western Roman Empire?"
  20. Francois le Francais

    Peoples throughout history

    When i look at a map i can only consider as civilized France and GB. When i look history, i can say that between those advanced peoples, one retained my attention greatly : scottish people. Such a tiny place, such an horrible climate... but so many great men and great spirits came from there...