1. F

    De-humanization of an entire peoples once again?

    Well-known religious businessman Moti Zisser predicted Saturday evening that Europe will unleash a second Holocaust – but this time, the victims will be Muslims, not Jews. "I think another Holocaust is brewing in Europe," he told congregants at Bnei Brak's Heichal Shlomo synagogue...
  2. PhoenicianSemite

    Ancient Moor-like Peoples (and Phoenician Semites)

    These are the people known as "Moors" This is Socrates Here is a good example of a modern Moor that will look something like Socrates one day I will post about more people later, including Jesus and Santa.
  3. cachibatches

    Do all great peoples invent a glorious past for themselves?

    This is an idea I have stumbled upon as a confluence of several things I have been looking at in the last few years. It seems that all, or at least many upstart peoples with large aspirations create false and glorious pasts for themselves. Some examples: A) The Romans. The first five books of...
  4. Lawnmowerman

    Peoples names that became phrases/words.

    Sometimes people become words or phrases. John Hancock is now slang for signature, after his rather flowery signing of the US declaration of independence. Gordon Bennet the disgraced Australian general from the fall of Singapore is now said in moments of exasperation and disbelief. Some...
  5. PreColonialAfricaFTW

    Why was the bow unknown as a weapon to bantu peoples?

    It seems odd, when you think about it, most of the world has created or adopted some variety of the bow and arrow at one point, no more so in Africa, but did the bantu never do so? Many of the peoples they would have interacted with would have surely made use of it. Did they dismiss it as a...
  6. wingerman

    Proof supraethnic Han peoples contained several components If you are requiring quick construction of the argument for just the Manchus as Han within the paper, read pages 189 190. Han is not just a single ethnic group. Nobody knows what that means. Just like nobody...
  7. purakjelia

    Erlitou and Yanshi genetic results revealed the origin of the Sinitic peoples

    Exciting news were announced today on the famous Chinese anthropological forum the Ranhaer Forum. Chinese anthropologists have successfully retrieved the mitochondrial DNA from Erlitou skeletons. Chinese archaeologists have labeled the Erlitou site as the possible ancient capital of the...
  8. purakjelia

    Difference between proto-Mongolic peoples and proto-Sinitic peoples

    Western people tend to overgeneralize East Asian appearance and they think that Chinese, Mongols, Koreans, and Japanese all look the same. I can tell you that this is definitely not the case. In fact, East Asian peoples have a higher diversity than you might have previously expected. Recently...
  9. purakjelia

    My thoughts on the Rong Di issue

    Recently, I have had a debate with wingerman about the ethnicity of the Rong Di peoples who inhabited northern China during the bronze age. Here are my thoughts on this Rong Di issue. First of all, Rong Di was a demeaning term used by ancient Huaxia Chinese to disparage their northern...
  10. thetruth27

    The Lost peoples of Ancient egypt

    I have interest in finding the Lost people of ancient egyptians! and being Justice in doing so!! Their was a great battle going on for nearly 20 years or maybe longer, about WHO is the real race of the ancient eygptians, both sides using false informations to calm honour to there history and...
  11. gavinlee

    Turkic peoples - phenotypes

    There is something that has lingered in the back of my mind and I've never quite understood it. I've read many different times, from a multiple of sources, that Turkic people originated from central, and eastern Asia. Now, my question seems very juvenile, so forgive me. But if this is the...
  12. A

    British Empire & Assimilation of Conquered Peoples

    The British Empire is often compared to the Roman Empire in terms of influence, especially in the system of laws and language left behind in countries that once made up their respective Empires. Of course, the British Empire did not last anywhere near as long as the Roman. I am much more...
  13. P

    What do you think of how we today scoff when past peoples afraid of legendary units?

    There is a trend I notice when people discuss Military History. We all know how certain units throughout history like the Spartan Hoplite were so feared in their time that entire nations would AVOID war against a the nations with these units on the basis that they existed within. That even if...
  14. Lawnmowerman

    Extinct Peoples

    Groups of peoples have gone extinct for years around the world here in Australia the Tasmanian Aboriginals have been wiped out. In New Zealand the Chatham Islanders have also been wiped out (by the Maoris, not the English) In the America's the Eire people and the lost colony of Roanoak...
  15. WeisSaul

    The Semitic Peoples

    Semitic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Just a general discussion on similarities between Semetic peoples' cultures, languages, history, and so on, along with the differences. It just seems pretty interesting that people as diverse as Carthaginians and Axumites(Ethiopians) could be from...
  16. G

    Why didn't the US sign the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples?

    Why did...... Moderator edit: Discussion of current politics not allowed on historum. Thread closed.
  17. F

    What peoples knew about the rest of the planet.

    Though most lands of the planet has been peopled for thousands, even ten thousands of years, only for a few centuries have people known about the rest. But how much could people from one part know about the rest - how far out were their "horizon" of knowledge - if we can call it so? We may ask...
  18. E

    Western Africa, Its history and Its peoples

    Western Africa, as in all of Africa is rich in its plentiful cultures, languages and traditions. Western Africa has the greatest population of people and is primarily composed of The Bantu speaking people. Western Africa consists of Rain forests, grasslands and dessert so it is very diverse...
  19. jeroenrottgering

    Was German occupation less harsh for the Germanic peoples of Europe?

    I wonder did the Germans really made a difference between the Belgians, Dutch, Austrians, some of the Czechs and the rest of Europe. Since I know from my own national history that the Germans regarded the Dutch as their brothers and that we were always meant to live in a unified Empire, but was...
  20. Richard Stanbery

    Germanic Peoples of Antiquity

    Ill start with some few questions, who were the Cimbri and the Belgics? Were they related to each other? Are the Cimbry the ancestors of the Anglo-Saxons that invaded England in the 5th century?