1. R

    Why did Germany perform better in the Eastern Front in WW1 than WW2?

    Was it because of Lend Lease? And the USSR had a better industrial infrastructure and logistics in WW2 than WW1? Or was it because of mobile warfare in WW2 that was able to substantially speed up the movement of armies in WW2 compared to WW1?
  2. R

    How did the German army perform so well in WW1 and 2 despite being led by a nobility

    How did the German army do so well relative to its citizen army opponents despite being led by an inherited aristocracy class where the primary qualification was to whom you are born to? Aren't armies led by an inherited aristocracy like the Junkers supposed to perform a lot worse than citizen...
  3. A

    Did the Catholic Church perform gay marriages?

    Article about a book that claims they did: Gay marriage in the year 100 AD
  4. Futurist

    Why did Grover Cleveland perform so poorly in New York in 1884?

    While Grover Cleveland won the U.S. Presidency in 1884, he only won his home state of New York (and thus the U.S. Presidency) by 0.10%. Thus, what I am wondering about is this--why exactly did Grover Cleveland perform so poorly in New York in 1884? Indeed, Grover Cleveland was the reformist...
  5. Karl XII

    why did the swedes perform so badly at Nordlingen?

    This was the only major battle during the thirty years war in which the Swedish army was routed. I know its unlikely for one side to be completely undefeated, but the swedes had performed very well before (Breitenfeld, Lutzen, Alte Veste) and they fought magnificently well after (Second...
  6. G

    How did Sassanids perform against the United Roman Empire

    How did Sassanids perform against the united Roman Empire early in its history before the formation of Byzantines
  7. V

    Did the Shungas perform rare Vedic human sacrifice?

    I was reading through an ASI review 1957-58 and something interesting got my attentions.It is about supposed Vedic human sacrifice,performed at the site of Kaushambi by the Shungas.Here I post the snapshot of relevant pages since the PDF is protected and the texts cannot be copied...
  8. Futurist

    How well did the U.S. perform in the European & North African fronts of World War II?

    How well did the U.S. perform in the European & North African fronts of World War II? I am tempted to say fairly well; after all, despite some setbacks and flaws (the loss at Kasserine Pass, not expecting a large-scale German attack to occur in the Ardennes during the winter of 1944-1945, being...
  9. Underlankers

    How well did the Romans perform in the Second Punic War?

    Given that the Roman Army experienced some of history's all time epic shellackings in this war such as the Battle of Cannae and Lake Trasimene, and that their generalship was marked by major errors and a staggeringly higher loss rate than the Carthaginian army under the Barcids, how can the...
  10. Menshevik

    How well did the Soviets perform in WWII?

    There's a thread going on discussing the performance of the Wehrmacht in the Second World War. I'd like to know what people think of the Russian performance during the war. When someone says that the Germans weren't a very good force, what does that say about the Russians? The Russians...
  11. F

    Why do Special Forces perform so poorly in carrying out infantry missions?

    I notice that special forces(who are always generally considered the creame of the crop in armies) fare so horribly when given tasks normally assigned to infantry. Here are examples: 1)Rangers in Italy in WW2 I read of cases in which Rangers were cut off from the main force and ended up...
  12. G

    Russian cosmonauts perform record-breaking spacewalk

    Russian cosmonauts perform record-breaking spacewalk - YouTube Cosmonauts, Oleg Kotov and Sergey Ryazansky, spent 8 hours and 5 minutes in open space in Russian-made Orlan-MK space suits, setting a record for the longest Russian spacewalk. The spacewalk has also become the longest at the ISS...
  13. Grenadier

    Why did Britain perform so poorly at the start of WW2?

    Why was Germany able to get through Western Europe so quickly?
  14. MagnaCarta

    Soldier's beret gets shot off, continues to perform

    This left me laughing so hard that my stomach hurt. YouTube - Militar suertudo :laugh: