1. Renaissance Roman

    In which historical period was Italy at its best?

    As an Italian, I'm curious to know what do you think about this. I made a mistake. I wanted to put the beginning of Late Antiquity for Italy at 300 not 330.
  2. Naima

    the Golden Age of Capitalism

    the Golden Age of Capitalism, was a period of strong economic growth beginning after World War II and ending with the 70s... Now , how is possible that after a war , a nation like USA that wasted so many resources in bombs, destroyed airplanes, cars, tanks, rifles and human lives etc... Gets...
  3. Constantine V

    Favourite period of ancient history?

    My favourite has got to be the hellenistic, which is pretty obviouse by my posts. Its like a historical greek game of thrones , with the wars of the diodochi, syrian wars and struggle against rising rome, its awesome. It was arguably the most enlightened of the anicent period with historians...
  4. E

    Concerning Migration Period

    Hello Historum community, We are in verge of making a video game, which I cannot reveal any info about for obvious reasons. Although - we need to learn and research A LOT about the migration period itself. So - I recently began doing my own research and found this awesome-looking book called...
  5. L

    Lands under the Czech rule by total time period

    With English subtitles: rrISIQlNHck ^^^ He mentions also Oświęcim Silesia, which was regained by Poland during the 15th century. Poland managed to regain and keep permanently the following parts of Medieval Silesia: - Land of Wschowa - regained in 1343 - Lands of Wieluń, Ostrzeszów and...
  6. Z

    Oda Nobunaga - Sengoku Jidai Period

    Hi all, So I'm currently studying A-Level History and a number of different subjects. We've recently started are History Coursework, and I'm lacking on some sources and interpretations for my work, if anyone could help me along that would be great, my question is. "Assess the reason why Oda...
  7. Voltaires Hat

    Incentives for war during the warring states period

    I've been reading about the Warring States Period in 'Early China' by Li Feng and a few things weren't too clear when I read it: - what were the incentives for each state to be at war? - was there a reason why the states couldn't have remained peaceful? And I'll throw this one in here for...
  8. S

    Greatest generals of the Three Kingdoms Period

    The Three Kingdoms Period is one of the most interesting sagas of Chinese history. Upon the dissolution of the Han Dynasty in the early third century AD, China found itself thrust into a bloody conflict between three warring states that claimed rule over the old empire - the Wei state in the...
  9. S

    Why do we remember the Medieval period as so violent?

    In our present-day psyche when we think "Middle ages" or "Medieval" we think of battles and castles, weapons and armour. But when we look at European history as a whole this period really wasn't all that violent or chaotic, it just wasn't. In fact it was relatively tame in terms of warfare and...
  10. Kirialax

    Emperor and patriarch in the Komnenian period

    With the Komnenian emperors spending more time in the Blachernai Palace in the NW corner of Constantinople, emperors no longer had immediate access to the patriarchate. This was the case for centuries, as the Great Palace and the patriarchate were effectively in the same complex with Hagia...
  11. V

    what happened to Invaders of Islamic Period ?

    Manty Turko-Persian Tribes Invaded India for glory, Islam and land to settle down during Islamic period in literally number of thousands to millions. What happened to them ? i am talking about Ghazanvaids, Ghurids, Mughals, Mongols, Turks, Khiljis, etc. We know that Mughals in number of one...
  12. S

    Piecing together the First Intermediate Period

    XTVofY2E1ow Very hard period to but together, all we really have is fiction for the most part with some very scanty archeological evidence. All this makes it very interesting. I have my own speculations as to what happened. I would love to hear yours.
  13. R

    Early 2nd century Roman Army vs. Han Army from same time period

    The Roman Army has about 60000 while the Han Army is somewhat larger at 70000 to 80000, the battle take place on flat open terrain so both sides can deploy their cavalry fully.
  14. M

    Polish Foreign Policy during the Interwar Period

    I am currently tasked with comparing Finnish and Polish foreign policy during the interwar period. I have had some luck in finding litterature on Finnish foreign policy, but sadly I've hit a wall while searching for litterature on the Polish side. Does anyone have any tips? Would be greatly...
  15. A

    Thesis on American-German relationships in post cold war period

    I want to know are there any english- or german language phd thesis on post-cold war era development of american-german relationships? Where to search for at least the abstracts or even topics of such thesis in Germany as well as in USA? Additionally I am interested could it be prospective topic...
  16. Polynikes

    At what time period do you think the Roman Legions were at their apex?

    I think this has the potential to be a really interesting thread, when do you think the Roman legions were at their most lethal? Judging from what you've seen/read, what is the general consensus? Goldsworthy, IIRC, said that the Hannibalic veteran legions that fought at Pydna were some of the...
  17. P

    Easy time period to write an essay about?

    I need help choosing a time period/war or whatever to write an essay and complete a project on. I need to state a point of view or a question such as "Was X the main factor in the collapse of the Y empire". Some periods will have more books/ information online about so they may be easier and...
  18. Polynikes

    Greatest books on the best commanders of WW2 and the modern period?

    I'm looking for biographies/military biographies on the best modern general officers from WW2 to today that analyze their generalship at the tactical/strategical/operational levels, what are your favorites?
  19. MughalMuse

    Immersion into a period

    How immmesive do you get in your classroom to teach a period?
  20. Menshevik

    Samurai, warfare and skill at arms in the Sengoku period vs Edo period

    Based on my limited understanding of Japanese history, I've come to the following conclusion(s): Samurai in the Sengoku period were superior to their successors in the Edo period. I say this because of all the constant fighting and battle seen during the Sengoku period. In contrast, the Edo...