1. VHS

    Beginning of the End of the Warring States period

    Some may argue the Battle of Changping as the beginning of an end, which was the beginning of the unchallenged military superiority of the State of Qin. How valid is this interpretation? On the other hand, the following chain of events can explain something as well: The small, unimportant...
  2. Polynikes

    Most 'elite' units of the Napoleonic period?

    Who would be in the running? The 95th rifles? The King's German Legion? Who would you say and why?
  3. R

    Confederation Period

    Why were Americans in the confederation period reluctant to create a strong central government? Discuss at least three concerns the states had in creating a new constitution. Discuss the parts of the constitution that reflect how their concerns over issues such as slavery, representation and the...
  4. VHS

    State of Song During the Eastern Zhou Period

    The State of Song during the Eastern Zhou Period was a fascinating case in many ways: It was the descendant of the Shang Dynasty, and it had the highest noble rank of duke among the vessels of the Zhou Dynasty. Other high vessels were marquises at best. In spite of its small size, it attempted...
  5. EmperorTigerstar

    Favorite time period of European history to study about?

    Which era of European history is your favorite to study about? Mine is probably the post Napoleonic period between 1815 - 1914.
  6. ummon

    Warring States period ancient Chinese sword unearthed

    Looks like an iron sword (and they mention that it didn't oxidize so it must have been iron). Very cool. Archaeologists pull out 2,300-year-old sword and discover it's still shiny in China | Daily Mail Online
  7. Incendio

    What was the most obscure war period in history?

    Sorry for the question, today I feel down, still unemployed and dark situations lead to dark questions. I am interested to know what is considered the most obscure war in history not because of the number of casualties, in terms of darkest times/depressive/desolate environment. Come to my mind...
  8. C

    Scandinavian (norway, sweden, finland) warrior`s costumes during early roman period.

    Hello everyone: I like to modell military miniatures in red clay and usually I try to find historical references about clothing and armouring to make the miniatures the most accurate possible. I am very interested in represent early germanic warriors from norway sweden, denmark or finland in...
  9. DaveK

    Seeking HF: Early Medieval Period and Byzantium

    So I imagine most of you here have a pretty high standard for scholarship within historical fiction. I absolutely loved Robert Harris's Cicero Trilogy. (Don't midn that there are four books listed. Lustrum was retitled Conspirata for US sale) What was great was reading it on my kindle...
  10. T

    What could have been done to improve British economy during the interwar period

    After the world war 1, Britain had suffered a postwar slump due to overcapacity and market oversupply. During the real life interwar, although new industries in the South grew at fast pace, with the gap between Britain and Germany and the US being narrowed, British staple and heavy industries...
  11. T

    Challenge: Make British economy and industry stronger during the interwar period

    What could have been done to make British economy and industry stronger and more resilient between 1919 and 1939? I will give a four starting points: 1915: The formation of Liberal-dominated coalition 1922: WNT 1924 General election 1929 General election
  12. N

    Japanese Warriors (Yayoi Period)

    Hello everyone, i was checking out cool pieces of armor and i ran across this from my searches. Apparently these are Japanese warriors from the Yayoi period and i am very interested in this era. But i am now wondering if anyone know if their is any findings of these arms and armor? Or any...
  13. H

    Trying to place time period of military uniform for a history class

    I'm trying to place the time period this uniform came from, for a museum studies course I'm taking. They have it marked as Spanish American war, but the folks who did that have left and we cannot find the paperwork that supports that claim. Can anyone tell me anything about this type of...
  14. P

    What if the state of Chu won insteaand united China during the Warring States period?

    What would be the course of history for China? The state of Chu was considerably different than it's neighboring states. It seemed more open to change and reform for one, probably because Confucian indology was less deeply rooted into Chu's culture. Confucianism is often blamed for the...
  15. RomanEmperor

    If you could live in any time period permanently, which would you pick, and why?

    I think I'd go with the 50's. It would be modern enough that we'd still have the sorts of freedoms and quality of living available for a lot of people that one would want, but at the same time people then had intrinsic moral values which are not very prevalent anymore. This was a time when the...
  16. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Functions and powers of the Byzantine senate in the Macedonian period?

    The byzantine senate seems to be mostly ignored in conventional byzantine history, but Byzantine historians themselves seem to pay much more attention to it. Micheal Psellus writes things like: Though Psellus lived in the post Macedonian empire, the administration remained the same until...
  17. Balian

    What would you say is the most peaceful period of European History?

    What would you say is the most peaceful period of European History? For me it would be 1945- present and 1815-1914 Yes i know there where some wars in Europe between 1815 and 1914. And also after 1945. But compared to other times in European history these two periods have been very peaceful.
  18. J

    Period Instruments

    As there are classical music threads here I would be interested in people's views/tastes on this 'historical' aspect of performance. For Romantic, Classical, Baroque music, and earlier (other things, like interpretation being equal) do you prefer period or modern instruments (and the...
  19. Pacific_Victory

    Renaming the Early Modern Period

    Despite it being my favorite era of history, I've never liked the name "Early Modern Period" because I think it is both boring and inaccurate. Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance are much better. So I've decided we should begin coming up with new titles for the period of European history from...
  20. VHS

    All about the Zhou Dynasty

    The Zhou Dynasty, which existed from 1046 BCE to 256 BCE (or the Holocene Calendar: 8955 HE to 9745 HE) This covers a huge historical period, but only for the 1046 BCE to 771 BCE (or 8955 HE to 9230 HE), Zhou Dynasty was powerful and influential. After 771 BCE, Zhou Dynasty became largely...